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United States

Consultant Bio

I began my career at Procter & Gamble, and I’ve since worked at numerous other top CPG companies from mass to luxury, including LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy). Before all that glitz and glamour, I attended Wharton, double majoring in Strategic Management and Marketing (and minoring in English to satisfy my passion for Victorian literature and thousand page novels) and went on to round out my business education at Harvard Business School.
With over 16 years of experience marketing everything from detergents and canned tomatoes, to specialty cheese and luxury spirits, I’ve developed a knack for branding. (And, psssst, that’s exactly the kind of skill-set you need on your side when you’re competing against the creme de la creme at the world’s top business schools. If I can sell a can of tomatoes, imagine what I can do for a badass MBA applicant!)
I started doing MBA Admissions consulting 11 years ago because I loved the idea of helping people and I knew my marketing skills could be really useful for people in this process. Of course, all these years later, I still love the idea of helping people, but beyond that, I just love to win. And I love even more to help other people win. Over the years, I’ve sent many clients to top programs and much like canned goods, it never gets old.
I also work with clients in New York.

Company Information

Admissionado is a results-driven MBA admissions consulting agency. We have a lust for smart ideas and tactics that – quite simply – work. We embrace a two-person specialty approach to consulting, leveraging the talents of strategic business geniuses with masters of writing. Browse through our website to get a sense of our style, our process, our team, and our case studies. We’re a no-nonsense crew, committed to delivering a boutique experience that stretches potential and earns admit letters.


Menu of Services and Associated Costs

We offer three different packages to accommodate individuals with different needs and budgets. Our Gold and Platinum packages include everything under the sun: deep strategic guidance plus comprehensive essay development, along with all the supporting elements such as interview prep, resume and LOR support, and unlimited access to your MBA consultant. We also offer a more economical Silver package (starting at $3,250) for those who prefer a more targeted experience: deep strategy plus comprehensive essay development (and the flexibility to add on any individual elements as needed).

Location: California, United States

Phone: 866-409-4753



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Thoughtful, Personal & EFFECTIVE Advice
    4 years ago
    I cannot recommend Cindy and her team more. I came into this process knowing that I wanted an MBA but not knowing at all how to tell my story to an admissions committee. I shopped around with different application consultant agencies - and Cindy and Admissionado immediately stood out to me. The personal touch is evident in the time that was taken to really get to know my goals/interests, but I was most impressed by the laser-sharp diagnosis of how I could refine my ST/LT goals into something that would appeal to an adcom while remaining authentic to my interests. In this, Cindy helped me refine not just my MBA story but my true post-MBA and career goals. Across the course of working together, Cindy ...
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    Class of 2022 Admit
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  • Great Consultant
    6 years ago
    I sought out a consultant to support in the MBA application process because I had weak test scores (GRE score in GMAT equivalent was 640) and a GPA that didn't set me apart (3.33). However, I had great work experience and knew I could get into schools provided I could reach the interview stage. I felt that a consultant could help me craft a cohesive narrative that could get me to that stage. When I first started working with Cindy, it felt like a conversation. She wasn't scared of working with me, despite my low scores, and I felt she sincerely wanted to help me get into Tuck, which was my dream school (I enroll in the fall!). Cindy recognized my strengths and helped me ensure ...
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    Class of 2020 Admit
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