Scott Edinburgh


Personal MBA Coach

Boston, Massachusetts

United States

Consultant Bio

I am an industry veteran with over nine years of experience personally helping hundreds of applicants get into top MBA programs globally. 96% of clients get into one of their top three schools. I received my MBA at Wharton and BS at MIT Sloan. I have also worked in management consulting, travel and hospitality, financial services, consumer products and healthcare for Deloitte Consulting, JP Morgan and InterContinental Hotels Group. As a result, beyond mastering the admissions process, I have an in-depth understanding of pre-MBA careers and exactly how to position these experiences to open the doors at the top MBA programs.

Admissions consulting is my passion and I am a frequent presenter on application strategies at consulting firms and corporations around the country. I am an avid world traveler, both for work and fun, so I look forward to meeting you soon.

Company Information

I founded Personal MBA Coach in 2008 to offer a very boutique and personalized level of application support. The approach is unique and because I personally work with all of my clients, I am able to offer a level of support that does not exist at larger firms that hire multiple contractors, editors and assistants. This means you work directly with an expert throughout the entire process. I work with a select number of applicants each year and place them into the best MBA, EMBA and part-time programs.

My clients don’t only get admitted, but many of them receive substantial scholarships. Over $400K in Round 1 of this year alone (Will update as Round 2 results come in).

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

While most applicants work through a comprehensive admissions package, I offer a full suite of personalized and customized services including:

Application Strategy and School Selection
Early MBA Planning
Resume Editing
Personal Story Development
Essay Topic Creation and Unlimited Essay Editing
Letter of Recommendation Support
Interview Preparation
Scholarship Advice
Waitlist Strategy
Post-acceptance decision support
Ding Report

If you are truly dedicated to getting into a great school, I will personally walk you through the process.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Phone: +1 617-645-2424


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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • The best there is.
    1 week ago
    "I vetted no less than 10 consultants. Scott is the most level-headed, logical, patient, knowledgable, and easy to work with. We worked on a four school package and I also added on several extra hours. He helped me craft my work experience, passions and extracurriculars in a very positive way and prepared me well for interviews. Actually, I overprepared. As a result of our months-long work I am attending my dream school with an $80,000 scholarship. Scott makes the process fun and rewarding. You may be considering someone else or thinking you can do this on your own. Why risk the results of one of the most important decisions of your life. Go with Scott!"
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Excellent Support
    1 week ago
    "I got in Columbia CBS - 2019 thanks to Scott and his team. I decided to have the full school package, and they helped me from determining my interests (sounds strange, but true), sourcing the schools, finalizing shortlists, editing resume, brainstorming and editing essays, application review, and interview prep. The following is what I think makes Scott better than the rest: 1. Response rate: All communication was responded within 24 hours. 2. Personal attention: All questions are answered tailoring to your situation, in full details. He actually helped me understand what the admissions committee was all about. 3. Feedback: Frank, to-the-point feedback. 4. Editing: Extremely careful editing, and clear feedback whenever needed. Once you start working with him, you KNOW that you are NOT wasting ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019, Admit
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  • Brilliant experience!!
    4 weeks ago
    "I initially reached out to several admissions consultants (including some of the larger ones), but I found Scott at Personal MBA Coach to be the most engaged, thoughtful, and interested throughout the initial consultation process. The fact that I knew I would be working with him throughout the admissions process (rather than passed on to someone I had no connection with, which seems to be the practice of the larger firms) was also hugely important to me, particularly given the impression he made when I first spoke to him. In the end, Scott at Personal MBA Coach made my decision to work with him a relatively easy one. I went with the comprehensive school package and started preparing four applications in late-June. Throughout the process, ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Highly Recommended
    1 month ago
    "I had the pleasure of working with Scott during the application process for M7 programs. Although I had a strong profile in terms of undergrad reputation, GPA, test scores and work experience, I knew that admission to the M7 programs would be highly competitive. Before I decided to work with Scott, I did my research and narrowed my options between one of the largest consulting companies and Scott's company. With pricing being relatively equal, I decided to go with Personal MBA coach because I wanted to work with Scott directly, as opposed to a random consultant who was working for one of the larger companies. Scott's academic pedigree is second to none - MIT grad / Wharton MBA. He knows exactly what it takes to ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2018, Admit
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  • Awesome experience!
    2 months ago
    "I took the comprehensive school package with Scott. Since I had already created a shortlist of my schools, we concentrated more on essays and application content and interviews. The overall experience with Scott was excellent! With his help, I got into two of my dream schools, INSEAD and LBS. I started preparing for applications pretty late (mid August with September timelines). This, plus a demanding job, meant I was working late in the night on applications and needed someone who could help me finish the applications in such short time with quick turnarounds. Scott exceeded these expectations and was as invested in my applications as I was! There were times when he replied to my mails with edits and quick responses within hours. I would ...Read the full review.
    - Akash R
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  • Highly Recommend
    2 months ago
    "As a non traditional applicant, developing a compelling narrative was a task that I knew would be challenging and after reviewing ~10 admission consulting companies, I moved forward with Personal MBA Coach to be my partner during the application process. Personal MBA Coach helped work with me on my storyline, discover what makes me unique, and used these details to work with me to develop a concise and compelling narrative. I succeeded in getting into 4 of my target schools all with scholarship amounts. I highly recommend partnering with Personal MBA Coach."
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Got me into bschool!
    2 months ago
    "When I decided to apply to Bschool, I knew that I needed some extra support. After some research, I found Personal MBA Coach and had a chat with Scott. He was friendly, genuinely interested, and understood where I was coming from and my needs. Scott was so helpful and open from the beginning and constantly challenged me. He critiqued my essays and references with great detail and endless patience. I have an unconventional background and was very unfamiliar with this kind of process; Scott helped me to pull out the right elements of my background and experience and convey it in the "Bschool way". I had a low GMAT score for the schools I applied to and there's no way I would've gotten into LBS ...Read the full review.
    - Jannicke J
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  • Great Experience - Highly Recommend
    7 months ago
    "I spoke with numerous large consulting firms and ended up choosing Personal MBA Coach because he was very clearly focused on this industry (rather than doing it on the side) and didn't sugar coat his feedback. Scott isn't in the business of telling you how great you are in order to make you like him - he'll be totally blunt and straightforward with you. In the end, this is something that I felt was extremely valuable for my application because it forced me to really look at what I was bringing to the table and go into the entire process more prepared than I would have otherwise. On top of that, he's always very responsive and I always felt like I was receiving above and ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2020, Admit
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  • Do you want to get into a top MBA program? If so, you should work with Scott (Personal MBA Coach).
    9 months ago
    "I tried applying to schools on my own first. Despite an extremely high GMAT score and good work experience I only got two interviews, and I struck out at all 6 places I applied. I didn't even get waitlisted anywhere. For my second year of applications, I decided to get help. After talking to multiple consultants and feeling less than thrilled about their pitches (most were obviously just after my money) I talked to Scott. He was more engaged than anyone else, and most importantly he seemed to genuinely want to help me. Long story short, I ended up getting interviews at 4 of 5 places Scott helped me apply to. I was accepted at two schools (one with a decent scholarship), and waitlisted at ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019, Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Highly Recommended - Personal MBA Coach
    10 months ago
    "I would highly recommend Scott at Personal MBA Coach. Apart from his vast knowledge of MBA programs he has a wealth of knowledge about various industries which really helps to craft compelling stories. I had a non-traditional background and Scott spent a lot of time helping me to develop a story that both made logical sense and aligned with my target career path. Scott really pushes you to make your essays the best that they can be; he’s tough in his critiques but at the same time encouraging. Sometimes I would get his essay reviews back and think to myself “I can’t do that” but he would keep pushing until I got there – even if it was 5 or 6 revisions. Scott was always ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019,
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.