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Stacy earned her BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Stacy is a firm believer that every weakness can become a strength and that each candidate must celebrate what makes him or her unique. She believes in celebrating the “white spaces” on a resume, the journey that took a candidate from point A to B to C.

Stacy’s white spaces are marked with twists and turns that make her as unique as her clients. After graduating from the Wharton School, Stacy began working in private equity at the Prudential Capital Group in San Francisco. She then went on to earn her MBA at Kellogg.

Following business school, she tapped into her flair for invention and began building businesses, launching WebWisher, evaluating businesses as a Resident Entrepreneur at idealab! and eventually launching Stacy Blackman Consulting, the leading admissions consulting advisory.

Company Information

Stacy Blackman Consulting is a leading MBA admissions advisory with a proven track record of acceptances to the world’s top MBA programs. Year after year, our clients’ acceptance letters and scholarship awards speak for themselves. Founded in 2001 by finance and marketing guru Stacy Sukov Blackman, SBC boasts a team of consultants with backgrounds as varied as yours. Overseen by the time-tested techniques that only come with our years of experience, each and every SBC admissions consultant is solely focused on you getting what you want: an acceptance to business school. SBC is the preferred admissions consulting firm recommended by The Economist. Read more about our guiding principles to learn more about Stacy Blackman Consulting:


We truly care about our clients and our larger audience. That’s why we strive to deliver 10x in everything we do.


We believe your weaknesses can be your strengths. We’ll show you how to make sense of your tangled and flawed background and develop a personal story that shines.


We’re on a mission to help you reach your most ambitious dreams and get in to business school. And we want you to enjoy the process along the way. We’re going to reduce your anxiety and take the stress out of the journey so you can think clearly and focus.


If we don’t think we can work with you, we won’t do it. It’s that simple.


We know you’ve got a lot riding on the decision to go to business school and you put a lot of faith in us to help get you there. Your confidence means a lot and we don’t take it for granted. We believe you can get in. We believe in hard work and are willing to work hard with you.

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Location: California, United States

Phone: 866-667-8229



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • 4 School Admit!
    2 months ago
    "My SBC consultant truly fueled my confidence and helped me understand why each school was a good fit. We created a plan to communicate that to the schools. Throughout the entire process I knew that she was there for me and wanted the best for me. She believed in me and pushed me. She did not sign off at a couple reviews and tell me they were ready to go. She pushed me harder to create something better. We reached out to others on the SBC team, including former Admissions Officers, for their feedback and expertise. The result: I was admitted to all four programs that I applied to including Booth. The SBC team will keep you focused, energized and excited about the process. They ...Read the full review.
    - Jeff R
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  • Truly the top MBA admissions consulting firm in the industry
    2 months ago
    "Stacy Blackman Consulting was the single best investment I have ever made. I say that because it was life changing and put me on a new life trajectory that I never could have accomplished without their guidance. It also has already paid off in the form of scholarship dollars. Huge ROI. With the help of my consultant and other members of the SBC team I was admitted to my dream school Kellogg. I worked hard but the difference is that I worked smart. We were very strategic, efficient and came up with an application that I owned and really reflected me. I took an approach that never would have occurred to me on my own, but once we pulled it together I never doubted that ...Read the full review.
    - Catie C
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  • Adcom guidance, Admit to Booth
    2 months ago
    "My boss went to Wharton and worked with Stacy Blackman Consulting. He said great things about their approach and their team and so I did not hesitate to hire them when I applied. My consultant was awesome – I loved working with her. I trusted her and she did not let me down. She was very direct, and hard on me, she challenged me and always had great ideas. She was exactly what I was looking for and she helped me earn three admits. I will be going to Booth in a few months. Two things that stood out to me – (1) she was critical but in a productive way, as she had a lot of expertise from her past role as an Admissions ...Read the full review.
    - caitlyn l
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  • 50-80% scholarship with 2 school admits!
    2 months ago
    "I am an international applicant with a non-traditional background. I applied to several programs last year, but failed to get admittance. Before approaching SBC, I did not have a good understanding of my strengths or feasible career goal. My journey started with a 30-min phone call with Esther for an initial evaluation. Esther has the talent and acumen to quickly summarize the main issues in my previous applications and point out the key theme to draft my story and career goal. Her suggestions became the foundation of my application strategy. She is the reason why I chose SBC instead of other prestigious MBA consulting firms. I was then assigned to my primary consultant and opted for the comprehensive 3-school package. SBC truly cares about matching ...Read the full review.
    - L C
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  • 4 School Admit
    2 months ago
    "When I first considered applying to business school, I spoke to some friends who were very cynical about working with a consultant. They told me that consultants like to keep their track records up by having clients apply to safety schools. My GPA is not stellar so I figured this would definitely be the case for me. I decided to work with SBC but was very firm about my three target schools. To my surprise, in my intro meeting with SBC, my consultant said those were good choices but that I should also consider Chicago Booth, which is ranked higher and more competitive than my three choices. Wow. Ok so first warning proved off target. My consultant truly fueled my confidence and helped me understand ...Read the full review.
    - Jerry S
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  • 3 school admit, thank you!
    3 months ago
    "Sending over the highest praise for the Blackman team. I learned a lot, worked hard, and was admitted to 3 of my 4 schools. I've chosen to accept Kellogg and declined Wharton and CBS. I loved working with my consultant and her style was a great fit for me. She was very confident and strategic about how to use my different themes and stories and that gave me confidence too. She never made me feel like I was pestering her with too many questions and that’s huge because I did have a lot of questions. She was responsive, very timely and very cool! The Adcom review was also really valuable. Feel great about what we put together and about the results. On a scale from ...Read the full review.
    - Helen J
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  • HBS admit, Full scholarship to Wharton
    3 months ago
    "Thrilled to be a HBS admit for the Class of 2020. I selected HBS over a full scholarship to Wharton....a great dilemma made possible through my partnership with the SBC team. I’m convinced that SBC is the top in their field of MBA admissions consulting-- a true leader. The Wharton full scholarship proved that to me as did the HBS admit as a management consultant applicant. I signed up with SBC with only 2 months to my first deadline. I was nervous about timing but they assured that they would not cause the delays and would give fast turnarounds. We worked on a system so that my consultant could review while I worked and the opposite - there was no downtime for me. My SBC ...Read the full review.
    - Debbie N
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