Getting an Invite for an Interview at Berkeley’s Haas School

It’s only been two weeks since I submitted my final application and I’ve definitely enjoyed my time off.  I stayed off the boards where people listed their interview invites and admissions decisions because I knew it could only make me worry.  But before I could even start stressing out, I got invited to interview at the first school I applied to.

Getting an interview invite is like a quarterback getting the ball back in an overtime football game.  Initially, your fate is seemingly out of your control, as all your hopes of winning lie with your defense (your application).  But then a turnover occurs and your team gets possession again.  You take the ball and your destiny falls into your own hands.  It becomes time to prove your worth and show them what you’re made of.

This was definitely a pleasant outcome, especially given some of the feedback I received on these essays after I submitted them.  After getting that review, I almost stopped considering the fact that I scored a 750 on the GMAT, and was really worried about my chances of getting in.  But based on my profile, I know I’m a good candidate, and I should walk in with that confidence.  (But without any attitude ;) )  If you understood that reference, then you know why I’m applying to Haas.  The culture and the environment are definitely a fit for me.  And when I leave business school, the Haas culture would permeate through the people I had in my network.

What’s interesting is how your opinion of a school changes the minute they show interest in you.  At first, you don’t want to get overly committed to any school, even your dream school, because you know your odds of getting in are low.  But the second they send you that interview invite, your chances typically jump up to 50%.  With the odds on your side, you start picturing yourself at the school.  You think about all the things you would enjoy there.

It definitely feels good to have the same optimism about going back to school as I did when I first started researching them.  I’ll schedule my interview in the next few days and hopefully complete it by mid-February.  My B-school Applications “honeymoon-period” was an enjoyable, albeit somewhat boring experience.  But now it’s time to get back in the saddle and prep for interviews.

This post is adapted from Random Wok, a blog written by Mako from Silicon Valley. You can read all of his posts at Random Wok.

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