Countdown to Cornell’s Johnson School of Business

You guys know I love countdowns by now… okay maybe you don’t and actually I really don’t care for countdowns… I can take them or leave them .. BUT…  Life for me right now is still incredibly hectic.  Sure it’s slowed down a bit, but there are still things to accomplish.

So April is pretty much the month for admitted students weekends.  I only attended the one @ Johnson but I have friends who attended many.  There are basically two components to these weekends.  The school is still in “selling” mode trying to get those who have not deposited to choose their school over another.  The school is also trying to get those who have deposited in the right mindset for what is about to occur over the summer and the next two years.  Since I was a part of the 2nd group of people I can speak to that and hopefully it echos with those who are in my shoes.

Deposit – The first thing you have to “worry” about is the deposit.  Sure it’s only $1500 and I definitely planned for that once I got my acceptance, so that wasn’t too bad.  I actually sent in my deposit before DJ because I didn’t want to have to think about and/or accidentally spend that money!  You know.. a crazy night out celebrating and then all of a sudden $1500 is gone from my bank account.  I’m just joking though!  A.) I would never keep that kinda money in an account that’s linked to a debit card that I would take out to a bar!  B.) see A.

So my deposit was out of the way.. then I had to worry about making sure that the financial aid department had all of my necessary information.  That was easy once I got some things sorted out.  But.. then in the beginning of June there’s another deposit due!  Lol…. #NeverEndingStory

Housing – Then there’s the issue of housing.  So during DJ a lot of people found housing and roommates as I’m sure occurred at many of the admitted students weekends.  I knew where I wanted to live but I didn’t have a roommate.  I wasn’t too too concerned about finding a place to live 2 weeks ago just because I knew that there was still another round of applicants that had not even received decisions yet so I had some time before places would start being scooped up.  Luckily last week I responded to a post on the Johnson social networking site and was able to hook up with a roommate.  I’ve been getting information over to the management company… lots of scanning… emailing…. calling.. checking… etc etc.  Again not really a big deal, but just something else that needs to be done.  EXCEPT… the depost.  So that’s another $800 that I was not expecting to shell out in April that needed to come out of my account.

I can tell you that a couple months ago I thought that once I got my deposits in… I would be able to party for 2/3 months and then just amble on up to school and start.  But I go out less now because I have no money to go out!

Internships – So we touched on housing.. what could be next right?  Well.. haha… so we’ve all heard of Internships – but no one really talks about Externships.  Right now people are looking for both.  I don’t really know the difference per se but I could deduce some definition – but I won’t.  There are programs out there for students entering their first year in B-school.  P&G has a brand camp…  Millercoors has something… Deloitte has two things…  There are things out there to keep people busy.  I’ll know tomorrow if I can apply to the P&G Brand camp – I may have another opportunity that I can take advantage of.

Scholarships – Another thing that people (myself included) are occupied with are scholarship applications lol.  Yes there is STILL money out there to be had.  I have a friend who just got 1/2 tuition from a Top 10 school after going to an event.  I also have other friends who are finalists for some other scholarships.  I think they’re both going to be very successful!  No I’m not bitter or jealous lol… maybe when I have to start making loan payments I will be… but right now I’m not!  Hey… the more “Fellows” I can have in my network the better right?  At least that’s how I’m looking at it.

Recruiting Events – Who would have thought that recruiting actually occurs BEFORE business school?  I mean I knew that in some instances, Orientation Program (OP) through Consortium, occurs in June.  But I just received an invite the other day for an event tomorrow hosted by National Black and sponsored by Google and Sirius XM here in NYC.  There will be recruiters from both companies there I assume, so I am looking forward to making some good contacts.  Google I know like the back of my hand.  I mean I deal with them everyday.  I was just at the Google offices on Monday working on this new initiative for work, so I have many Google contacts.  BUT – I do not know any recruiters who work there – YET.

ROMBA Conference Application – I feel like people reading my blog now are different from those who were reading back in September/October.  But in any event, this year when I go to ROMBA I want to be a session director aka. a panel moderator.  In order to do so, I must submit an application, with essays,  that is due next month.  Here is the Reaching Out Website in case you want some more information on it.

Hhmm let’s see.. what else is going on?  Oh.. the biggie…  QUITTING!  Unlike some of my classmates, I will not be quitting any time soon.  I’d like to have some spending money before I go to school. So I will be working right up until the week before Math Camp.  I’m also planning a trip to visit my friend in Michigan.  He’ll be doing his internship and preparing for his 2nd year @ Ross but we need to relax before school starts for the both of us.

I’ve also organized another Happy Hour for us Johnson admits for next friday!  Right now it doesn’t look like the turnout is as much as the first time but I think that will turn around.

I also want to organize just a brunch or something – possibly a booze cruise around NYC for all of my friends who have been accepted to A business school.  In an ideal world we would all wear shirts representing our schools… lol  I got that idea from a random episode of The OC that I watched on Saturday afternoon.  They were on the beach of course…

I’m looking forward to that as it will serve as my pre-mba vacation.

This report is adapted from Richard Battle-Baxter’s blog posts at “Ellipsing My Way…To Business School.”

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