Meeting Those Round Two Deadlines

Mood: Giggly.  I just created, probably one of the cheesiest, most ridiculous parodies.  In fact, this creation might signify me going off the deep end, and I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping.  I was inspired to create my own version of Rebecca Black’s Friday (apparently the most watched You Tube video of 2011) after seeing this hilarious holiday greeting from Venture Capital Firm, First Round Capital.

What could be better than a non-Justin Timberlake / Andy Samberg white dude rapping? A couple of Venture Capitalists driving a sweet car and rapping!


Will I regret releasing this into cyberspace to presumably, be buried in viral song clips hell?  Probably.  Or perhaps I’ll listen to the recording as I battle with the inevitable bouts of writers block!

Yes, I know, the production quality sucks, my auto-tuned voice is horrendous and you’ll probably have nightmares…don’t tell me I didn’t warn you though I hope you will find it entertaining.

Credits to the I Am T-Pain iPhone App (which I’ve had for 2+ yrs but have not put to good use till now) for digitally altering my voice and making it slightly less recognizable, Round 2 Deadlines, and of course, Rebecca Black.




So I decided to make my own version of Rebecca Black’s Friday titled “Round 2” to help get me through MBA applications, courtesy of the I Am T-Pain iPhone app

I’ll probably be very embarrassed…and regret this….but here goes nothing…



7 days ago I sent Kellogg’s Part 1
Got it in online, got it in on time
Gotta do part 2, gotta send it in too
Seein’ everything, time is going
Tickin’ on and on, every day I’m rushin’
Gotta get down to the deadlines, gotta write these apps, I see the end…
Visiting the East Coast
Hittin’ up the West Coast
Gotta make my mind up
To which schools do I apply?
For Round 2, Round 2
Gotta get it in for Round 2
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to interviews, interviews
Round 2 Round 2, Getting in on Round 2
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the interview
Essayin’ Essayin (Yeah!)
Rewritin’ Rewritin’ (Yeah!)
Done Done Done Done
Lookin’ forward to the interview!


PS – I’m acutely aware that “essayin'” is not a word, but hey, it was the best I could do.

PPS – I am already envisioning a longer version of the song which includes the bridge:

Last round was the first round, first round

This round is the second, second (essayin’)

We-We-We so excited

We so excited

We gonna turn it in on time!

Next round is the third

And First Round next year comes afterwards

I don’t want my chances to end…PPS -Please click the “thumbs up” icon if you felt like your ears survived the entire recording.  It would be awesome to see those around the globe who are following!

In other news…

I attended a coffee chat in my city with a current Berkeley Haas student this evening, and a dinner hosted by a current Stanford GSB student last week.  Both interactions were helpful in that I learned more about each school from a more personal perspective, got me excited again for applying to these schools and being in the Bay Area, and I got to meet other potential applicants in my dear PNW city (they do exist!).  But because I had already done my research on the schools, it didn’t add too much additional value on learning about the strengths and programs at the school, and confirmed what I had already gathered.  It was nice, however, to get application advice from those who had already been through the process, and I took away from these interactions 3 main pieces of advice:

  1. Write clearly and concisely in your essays as you have a limited amount of space – 250 words for Haas!  That’s barely enough for me to describe what I ate for lunch!
  2. Stress less  – easier said than done of course.
  3. Make the job of the recommenders as easy as possible my providing them resources and anecdotes to write about.
I submitted Part 1 of the Kellogg application (true to my “Round 2” song) last Wednesday, albeit at the very last minute.  Yes, just like Tebow (I too am falling victim to Tebow-mania), I pulled a miracle in the 4th quarter, aka final hour, though I did receive a confirmation that it did go through.  Whoo!

I’m now getting into the trenches of essay writing, and I eat, breathe and sleep questions such as, “What Matters Most to you and Why?” and “People may be surprised to learn that I….” (make really awful song parodies?)  In any case, its forced me to tap into some introspective part of my being and conduct some serious soul-searching, which is probably fitting since it is the holidays and all.

I’ll be balancing this out with moving out of our beloved funky old house.  For the past year, it’s been a wonderful refuge in a hip, up-and-coming part of my city and I’ve really bonded with my room mate, who I’m going to miss.  In a way, we are both taking risks by leaving (and me, potentially leaving) our city that we’ve spent all of our post-college years in to pursue things that we are very excited about, even if the trade-offs are uncertain.  Last Saturday, we hosted what can be only described as an epic party to celebrate a fantastic year together, and I’m lucky to have such great friends here!

Finally, I feel really good going into the final stretch of the application process.  My recommenders are supportive, and yesterday our company president stopped by my desk to wish me luck with the application process though they would be sad to see me go, and offered to do what he could to help – even writing a LOR.  WOW!! So much of my nervousness, hesitation and fears are assuaged knowing that I have their support.   Everything from our holiday party this year, to our own silly holiday video (not as crazy as the First Round Capital but our take on a popular Christmas song) made me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing I work for a great company.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!  For those R2 applicants out there, I hope you get some much-deserved time off with family and friends and a break from these apps.  Of course you could always make your own version of “Round 2” to get you through the awkwardness of the holidays. Hah. I’m kidding. Sort of.
~ With joyous wishes and good cheer for the holiday season ! ~




Mango is a consultant in the Pacific Northwest who is applying to business schools so she would graduate in the Class of 2014. This report is adapted from her blog posts at Por qué MBA? One Girl’s MBA Application Journey!

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