MIT’s Most Challenging MBA Essay

Ultimately, your objective for this question is to make three to five tailored points that supply iron clad reasoning for attending MIT Sloan.

Questions you might address in your response:

  • • What are my highest priority learning/development needs given my specific career goals and career vision? What specific classes, professors, and clubs are a perfect fit with my learning/development agenda? How does this school excel in the functional area or industry where I plan to build my career?
  • • How will the MBA experience change me in fundamental and necessary ways? An MBA program is not just about acquiring “MBA skills” like finance. It’s also about growing as a person, broadening perspectives, being exposed to new idea, developing as a manager and leader, etc…
  • • How does this school, its culture and/or the type of students it attracts fit perfectly with my own unique personality?
  • • What impressed me and convinced me to choose this program over all the others? What stood out for me when I visited the school and/or talked with current students, professors, or alumni?
  • • Why does the size of the program, teaching style, program design, or regional location appeal to me?
  • • What leadership, management, and teamwork development needs will the program address for me with its specific programs, resources, and student organizations?
  • • How can I contribute and take advantage of all aspects of the program, including extracurricular?

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