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A Harvard MBA’s View on Why Candidates Get Dinged

Don’t take rejection personally, they say. Learn from it. Let it fuel you. Show them they made a mistake.

Ever hear that? Usually, the other person says it with the best of intentions. Just one problem: You’re rarely told why you were rejected.

That’s one reason why Poets&Quants publishes Sandy Kreisberg’s “Ding Report,” to give readers some objective advice on why they may or may not be a viable candidate at certain schools. GMAT too low? Short on leadership experience? A poor fit for a school’s culture? Kreisberg pulls no punches when analyzing why a candidate may miss the cut.

Sometimes, it also helps to hear from someone who graduated from a particular school. And that was the impetus behind a column from Jyll Saskin (Harvard ’13), who shares his own views on why certain candidates were dinged. And guess what? They are sometimes diametrically opposed to Kreisberg’s opinions.

Looking for an opinion from someone ‘who’s been there?’ Check out Saskin’s advice and see if you agree or disagree with his conclusions.

Source: Poets and Quants

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