Google, Goldman, P&G In Columbia Send-Up

How good is the MBA job market these days? Awfully good, as evidenced by this Follies Show snippet from Columbia Business School. In the video, students debate the merits of job offers from three mainstream MBA employers: Google, Procter&Gamble, and Goldman Sachs.

The send-up, entitled “Recruitment Funk,” features an undecided Columbia MBA who has received all three offers. The recruiters for each company try to woo her to their side. Set to a cover of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” the parody includes an overzealous P&G recruiter who touts his company’s many products, from Tampons to Febreeze, the Goldman recruiter who wears gold bling and sports a devil’s tail. He stuffs dollar bills into the mouth of a woman at one point. And then there is the propeller-capped Google recruiter who proudly proclaims, “We’re geeks who want to rule the world!”

There’s a rather surprising ending to the video when the MBA ostensibly turns down her three great offers and goes running off to a job with another organization.

Columbia, Wharton and Kellogg often put on the best MBA follies shows each year. But this one skit on MBA recruitment is definitely the best of the bunch out of CBS for 2015. A few others:

For most students, the Littlefield simulation is a harmless group activity meant to display the power of operations management. For Dan, it’s a matter of life and death.

It’s Saturday night – which means the entire CBS student body is heading down to the Lower East Side to celebrate one (or more likely, 10) of our classmates’ birthdays. While we probably won’t actually know any of the people we’re celebrating, we can always count on the traffic to be bad, the dance floor to be crowded and sweaty – and the fact that we’ll be doing it all over again next weekend.

Four learning teammates meet during Orientation and… then they wake up, not remembering what happened in the last two years. And now they can’t graduate because they have an academic hold in their accounts. They now need to follow clues and solve the problem while dealing with a terrible Hangover.


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