America’s Funniest MBA Videos

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America’s Funniest MBA Videos

You’d think they’d joined a monastery.

Well, that’s how they portray it. If you have a friend in an MBA program, you know what I’m saying. If you believe their sob stories, they gave up their jobs to take a vow of poverty, sobriety, and celibacy. For two years, they live on coffee and ramen noodles… compliments of VISA. Their days (and nights) are spent pouring over case studies and writing business plans. And they make their classrooms sound like a Siberian gulag, cramped and chilly with fickle Wi-Fi to boot. Worse yet, MBA students never seem to have any time (unless you’re picking up the tab or helping with the laundry).

Yes, your MBA friends live under an existential cloud: Will I find a job when I get out? How will I ever pay off this debt? And why do people joke that I couldn’t cut it in law school?  Like most, you know their ascetic act is just a front. Living in a bubble – free from frazzled bosses and cutthroat clients – they’re cutting loose in ways you can’t imagine. Don’t believe me? Well, look no further than the comedic skits from leading business schools.

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.19.53 AMTake Columbia, for example. They operate a student club called the Columbia Business School Follies. Each semester, members write and produce parodies that satirize everything from economic collapse to student life. Many of these skits are posted on YouTube.

If you believe these videos, $118,000 also buys you two years of binging and boning. Of course, Columbia isn’t alone. Schools such as Wharton, Harvard, Kellogg, and Cornell also run their own annual follies, where they too prove that they can bust a rhyme and dish on other schools.

So what are some of the best business school videos ever made? Here are the ten LOL videos made by and for MBAs that I’ve seen (so far):

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