Are You Ready To Submit Your Application?

Are you ready to submit your application?

Is your application as strong and polished as it can be?  And how do you know?  I suggest that you do these three things before you hit submit.

  • Proofread.

Of all the mistakes that applicants make, perhaps none is as agonizing as the failure to proofread.  First impressions count, and the committee will be unimpressed by typos, misspellings and shaky grammar. Larger errors, like waxing poetic about your desire to attend Harvard in your Stanford application, are also more common than you think.

Because it’s extremely hard to catch mistakes in your own work, especially when you have presumably read your material many times, I strongly suggest that you have at least 2 people proofread your entire application, including the application form itself as well as the essays and short answers.

  • Sanitize your social media presence.

The rumors are true – admissions officers can and do look at your facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts, as well as using google to verify information.  This may not happen all the time, but you definitely do not want to lose a spot in the class because you have posted profanity laden rants against Best Buy or expressed vitriolic personal or political opinions.

Admissions officers may also be interested to learn more about the business you started, or your extracurricular or professional accomplishments.  Please be sure that any media coverage is consistent with the information that you provide in your application. I suggest that you google yourself, so that you understand what schools will see if they look for you.

  • Sleep on it.

I understand the desire to be done with your applications, especially since you have presumably been working on them for months.  However, please put aside your application for at least 24 hours and then look it over with a fresh set of eyes.  I actually encourage my clients to complete everything at least a week before the deadline.  This gives you time to make any changes, minor or major, and also to circulate it for the important proofreading process discussed above.

Applying to business school is a competitive, intense process.  Take the time to ensure that last minute mistakes don’t undermine the strength of your candidacy.

Karen has more than 12 years of experience evaluating candidates for admission to Dartmouth College and to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Since founding North Star Admissions Consulting in 2012, she has helped applicants gain admission to the nation’s top schools, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Wharton, MIT, Tuck, Columbia, Kellogg, Booth, Duke, Georgetown, Haas, Ross, NYU and more. Over the last three years, clients have been awarded more than 10.3 million dollars in scholarships, and more than 95% have gotten into one of their top choice schools.

  • Usha G

    Hi Karen! Hope this finds you well. Thank you for your insight..I shall make sure I follow these steps before submitting my application.

    Karen, would you be kind enough to evaluate my chances at my target schools?

    Here’s my profile in brief:

    Nationality: Indian
    Age: 29
    GMAT: 700 (Q-43, V-42, IR-7, AWA-6.0)

    Mechanical Engineering from JNTU (top 10 universities, non-IIT), GPA:
    3.90/5 ; Revived and headed the Literature club at college apart from
    active participation in Tech fests. Interned at Indian Railways,
    submitting 3 research projects based on Computational Fluid Dynamics and
    Design & Engineering; Also interned at a Small Scale Enterprise to
    submit an original project work as part of course curriculum (dealing
    with new moulding techniques for automobile parts).

    Work Experience: Business Analyst to Product Owner to Analytics
    Consulting in IT (4 years)- at Indian IT Majors- Infosys &
    Cognizant; R&D role in Computational Fluid Dynamics at Fiat Chrysler
    (2 years). I have pursued my career in line with my entrepreneurial
    interests-combining product/software development and Predictive
    Analytics for business decisions; leveraging software development and
    Agile practices and combining it with Automobile/Commuter systems for
    efficient design and development. Certifications include Scrum Certified
    Product Owner; ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Quality Analyst.

    experience: Leading high performing teams at offshore to deliver
    on-time product increments in Agile/DevOps environments, by implementing
    DevOps and Shift-Left levers, leading to savings of 100k (pounds).
    Establishing TCOE at offshore through preparation of Test Strategy, Test
    and Resource Estimation, defining and measuring KPIs for automation
    projects, leading to 30% reduction in test times, 35% cost reduction and
    containing high severity defect leakage to 2%.

    Curriculars include being part of CSR initiatives and active
    contribution to newsletters at Fiat Chrysler; Being part of Toastmasters
    and ILI (infosys Leadership Institute) at Infosys; Active participation
    in Tech Hackathon and Innovation challenges at Cognizant.

    MBA Target Schools: NYU Stern, CMU Tepper, Ross, Haas, Chicago Booth.
    Stretch Schools: MIT LGO, Cornell, Columbia, Tuck.

    MBA Plans: To work with M/B/B as a Strategy and Leadership consultant
    for 3-5 years and then transition to leadership role or start up an own

    Please let me know my chances at intended schools, especially Booth and Stretch schools.

    Thank You!