The 2017 Best International Business Schools

Western University’s Ivey School of Business

The Definitive List Of The Top International MBA Programs of 2017 — 26 to 50



School Name2016 RankIndexFinancial


The EconomistBusiness


#26Western (Ivey)2152.044 (47)19 (22)11 (10)NR (NR)
#27Queen’s University2551.449 (49)40 (33)16 (18)NR (NR)
#28Ipade2644.546 (42)NR (NR)NR (NR)9 (8)
#29York (Schulich)2743.3NR (NR)24 (20)NR8 (9)
#30Nanyang Business School3141.312 (16)30 (26)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#31Macquarie3340.126 (30)15 (15)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#32HEC Montreal3039.6NR (NR)NR (NR)31 (31)17 (11)
#33St. Gallen2237.832 (33)NR (39)17 (16)NR (NR)
#34EDHEC3637.137 (44)13 (8)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#35Toronto (Rotman)3536.533 (32)22 (NR)NR (23)NR (NR)
#36Durham Business School3735.838 (38)18 (25)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#37Strathclyde Business School3833.840 (35)25 (30)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#38University of Edinburgh4332.442 (53)29 (28)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#39Grenoble de Management Ecole4431.743 (50)31 (34)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#40Birmingham4531.147 (48)28 (40)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#41University College Dublin (Smurfit)4130.636 (41)47 (37)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#42Copenhagen Business School4827.2NR (NR)37 (45)30 (27)NR (NR)
#43Indian School of Business4926.314 (15)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#44Indian Institute of Mgt.-Ahmedabad3426.015 (11)NR (42)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#45SP Jain4625.7NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)16 (10)
#46Shanghai Jiao Tong5024.819 (22)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#47Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong4724.520 (13)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#48Indian Institute of Mgt.-Bangalore5422.427 (34)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#49Sungkyunkwan5621.530 (39)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#50Australian Graduate School of Management2421.231 (37)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (11)

Source: Poets&Quants composite ranking

Notes: NR is not ranked; Ranks shown for The Financial Times and The Economist are for non-U.S. schools

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