Stanford Again Tops P&Q’s 2020-2021 Ranking Of The Best MBAs

The University of Connecticut School of Business is ranked 60th among the top 100 business schools in the U.S. by Poets&Quants.

The University of Connecticut School of Business

The Definitive List Of The Top 100 U.S. MBA Programs of 2020-2021 — 76 to 100

It could be easy to overlook the final quartile of schools on our Top 100 list. But it’s important to remember that there are more than 1,100 accredited full-time MBA programs in the U.S. so any business school making this ranking is among the top 10% of all the MBAs in the country. Admission standards at these schools are not nearly as stringent as those at higher-ranked programs and, more often than not, the mainstream MBA corporate recruiters are less likely to show up on campus to hire graduates. But these smaller programs often offer generous financial support to students and are far less costly than their higher-ranked counterparts.

School Name2019 RankIndexUS
The Economist
#76Iowa State7017.053 (47)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#76Massachusetts-Amherst (Isenberg)8517.053 (74)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#78Syracuse (Whitman)8414.077 (89)NR (NR)65 (77)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#79Temple (Fox)NR13.862 (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#80Willamette (Atkinson)7713.1NR (NR)57 (54)82 (81)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#81Rollins (Crummer)7912.6NR (NR)51 (44)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#82KansasNR11.768 (93)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#83Oklahoma (Price)6411.385 (58)NR (NR)64 (79)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#83Louisiana State (Ourso)8111.369 (69)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#85Kentucky (Gatton)7410.877 (67)NR (NR)86 (89)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#86Denver (Daniels)8910.280 (91)NR (NR)83 (91)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#87Chapman (Argyros)929.674 (85)NR (NR)NR (73)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#88Clemson828.683 (79)NR (NR)86 (80)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#89Stevens Institute of Technology888.577 (83)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (50)NR (NR)
#90Texas Tech (Rawls)957.492 (NR)NR (NR)73 (80)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#91Univ. of San Diego876.5NR (NR)NR (NR)58 (60)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#92Houston (Bauer)906.295 (95)NR (NR)74 (87)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#93Florida State865.785 (79)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#93University of Louisville935.785 (87)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#95Rochester Institute of Technology (Saunders)975.593 (73)NR (NR)93 (88)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#96ClarksonNR4.289 (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#97Oregon (Lundquist)994.195 (97)NR (68)88 (92)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#98Mississippi803.292 (68)NR (NR)NR (71)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#98Oklahoma State (Spears)833.292 (73)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#100Tampa (Sykes)1003.0NA (NR)NR (68)81 (85)NR (NR)NR (NR)

Note: * Ranks for both The Financial Times and The Economist surveys are U.S. only, not the overall global ranks