Stanford Again Tops P&Q’s 2020-2021 Ranking Of The Best MBAs

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The Definitive List Of The Top 100 U.S. MBA Programs of 2020-2021 — 51 to 75

This third group of schools represents some of the very best hidden gems in MBA education. Typically, these are smaller and more intimate programs at excellent business schools.  They are less likely to rank on all five of the most influential rankings but have strong reputations nonetheless. And many of these schools open the door to companies that are major players in their geographies. No. 55 Northeastern leads the way to many of Boston’s corporate players, while Fordham is another way to study in New York City and land a job with one of the city’s corporate giants or an investment banking firm on Wall Street. And Howard University, ranked 69th, is one of the few historically black colleges and universities with a top 100 MBA on the list.

School Name2019 RankIndexUS
The Economist
#51Purdue (Krannert)4839.980 (74)40 (28)78 (38)46 (40)49 (49)
#52University of Miami7334.272 (NR)55 (62)72 (62)49 (NR)NR (NR)
#53Alabama (Manderson)5434.141 (50)50 (43)NR (NR)NR (NR)50 (50)
#54NC State (Poole)6730.752 (85)NR (NR)47 (47)NR (NR)50 (50)
#55Arizona (Eller)6130.046 (52)NR (64)61 (76)NR (NR)49 (49)
#56Northeastern (D’Amore-McKim)6728.061 (58)NR (66)76 (66)35 (NR)NR (47)
#57Babson College (Olin)5527.672 (63)NR (57)56 (56)32 (35)NR (NR)
#58Boston College (Carroll)5126.748 (43)NR (51)49 (59)NR (36)NR (NR)
#58Missouri (Trulaske)5826.762 (69)53 (56)80 (82)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#60Colorado (Leeds)6226.570 (79)60 (69)67 (67)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#61William & Mary (Mason)5225.362 (54)44 (58)NR (30)NR (51)NR (NR)
#61Tulane (Freeman)5625.374 (63)58 (61)69 (46)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#63Fordham (Gabelli)5025.080 (63)59 (70)57 (64)NR (48)NR (52)
#64Connecticut-Storrs7624.974 (79)NR (59)59 (70)42 (NR)NR (NR)
#65Pepperdine (Graziadio)6022.383 (74)61 (65)63 (65)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#66Rutgers Business School6321.956 (58)NR (52)62 (61)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#67Texas Christian (Neeley)5721.356 (61)NR (NR)40 (39)NR (NR)48 (44)
#68Case Western (Weatherhead)5920.988 (74)52 (53)77 (58)NR (NR)NR (51)
#69Howard6519.570 (67)NR (NR)45 (33)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#70Baylor (Hankamer)6919.356 (57)NR (NR)79 (52)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#71South Carolina (Moore)7518.562 (74)NR (NR)70 (86)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#72Auburn (Harbert)7818.456 (69)NR (NR)85 (75)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#73Baruch (Zicklin)6618.462 (52)NR (NR)71 (83)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#74Buffalo (SUNY)7218.360 (66)NR (42)76 (78)NR (NR)NR (NR)
#75UC-San Diego (Rady)7118.280 (69)NR (NR)60 (63)50 (NR)NR (NR)

Note: * Ranks for both The Financial Times and The Economist surveys are U.S. only, not the overall global ranks

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