3 Strengths To Highlight In Your MBA Resume

3 Strengths To Highlight In Your MBA Resume

One of the most critical components of the MBA application is your resume.

But what exactly do admissions officers look for in MBA resumes? Stacy Blackman, founder of Stacy Blackman Consulting, recently discussed three things that applicants should include in their MBA resumes.


MBA admissions officers seek out applicants who can demonstrate leadership potential. That doesn’t mean you have to have held a manager position or started your own company. Still, highlighting leadership experience—both formal and informal—is critical.

“If you formally manage one or more people, don’t leave that information out,” Blackman writes. “Even if you supervise and mentor someone informally, that should go on the resume as well. If you have played a role in training peers, subordinates, or even those senior to you (perhaps on a new type of software), include that on your resume. Anything that shows how you identified an opportunity and took the initiative is a great thing to have.”


Soft skills, in recent years, have become a standard in MBA admissions. One of the most important soft skills is clear and effective communication.

Blackman suggests applicants demonstrate top-notch communication when writing up their MBA resume.

“Your MBA resume is prime real estate for showcasing savvy communication skills through crisp writing and well-chosen words,” Blackman writes. “You can make even the most mundane tasks shine as you bullet-point your professional accomplishments.”


Your MBA resume should show your trajectory of professional growth over the years. Blackman says highlighting new skills you learned or new responsibilities you picked up is key.

“You can convince the admissions committee that you have a track record of moving the needle by showing continual progression on the job and giving examples of when you went above and beyond your expected duties and delivered quantifiable results,” Blackman writes.

Sources: Stacy Blackman Consulting, Financial Times

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