The Best Online MBA Programs Of 2023


More than a ranking, we’ve always viewed this project as a massive data-gathering process for prospective students. So be sure to check out all of our supplementary articles digging into that data. For example, of the more than 1,300 recent graduates to respond to this year’s survey from all schools, 41% reported earning a promotion directly because of their OMBA degree. Some 59% reported earning a salary increase.

No longer just a degree for upward mobility within your current company and career path, the OMBA has increasingly become an opportunity for individuals to pivot. This year, 32% of alumni reported changing employers, 19% reported changing industries, and 45% reported changing job functions.

Overall, alumni are generally happy with their degrees. When asked if they’d recommend their business programs to colleagues, friends, or family members, the average score was a 9.2 (10 would be a perfect score).

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