2023 CentreCourt MBA Admissions Festival

Tune in as we bring you the first of three CentreCourt MBA Festival events for 2023! You will listen into thoughtful in-depth conversations from 20+ top MBA school’s deans, current students, admissions leaders, CEO’s, and program directors. Topics covered include admissions tips, testing, real personal experiences, professional goals, personal development, and more so you too can find your right fit!

Find The Right Fit: Exploring The MBA Program For You ESMT Berlin, Michigan Ross

From Berlin to Ann Arbor, Matt Symonds explores diversity, the ROI and intangibles of the MBA, advice for finding the right fit, and more. Listen in as he speaks with Admissions Directors from ESMT Berlin and Michigan Ross on these topics and more, including how karaoke may or may not factor into the application process in the near future.

Find The Right Fit: Exploring The MBA Program For You Yale, CMU Tepper, Florida Warrington

Join John Byrne for this informative session as he speaks with CMU Tepper, Yale and Florida Warrington to learn more about their respective schools. You will hear about MBA program timelines, electives, ROI, the intangible benefits, alumni highlights, admissions process, plus so much more. Is one of these schools the right fit for you?

The MBA & Personal Development Emory, Georgia Tech, Cape Town

Cape Town Director, Emory and Georgia Tech alums share their perspectives with Matt Symonds about growing as a leader and person through their MBA programs. This session will explore what leadership means to each of them in their personal and professional journeys as it relates to collaborative impact driven initiatives through teams, cohorts, community, classes, soft skills, networking, and more.

The MBA & Personal Development With London Business School, IESE, IMD, RSM

Four top European MBA programs talk personal and professional development. They cover what students learn about themselves, developing leadership skills, soft skills, problem solving, and how the degree helps students gain a wider world view and more global awareness.

Outside the Classroom: Duke Fuqua, Kenan Flagler, McCombs, Baruch Zicklin

Listen in to a lively conversation as current students and program directors discuss balancing life outside the classroom. This session highlights both professional and fun club options, internships, case competitions, global immersion programs, and more through their immersive supportive communities. Learn how a work-hard play-hard life builds into the MBA journey when you have a plethora of activities to choose from.

The MBA & Personal Development: UCLA Anderson, Kelley, Mendoza

Get a deep dive into what drives a student to personal and professional development with program leaders from three US business schools. Learn how self awareness and self confidence benefits overlayed with technical, leadership and soft skills provide teachable experiences through exploration. This thoughtful and informative session will outline how important self reflection is to shaping your own MBA journey.

Fireside Chat: Matt Symonds & The Wharton School At The University Of Pennsylvania

Listen in as co-founder Matt Symonds has a in-depth conversation with the Director of the Ken and Julie Moelis Advance Access Program at the Wharton School. Learn about their tight knit community which provides commitment to one another, while striving for a better self. Ride the ripples and use this experience to see how far an MBA can take you on your personal journey to a global leader.

Fireside Chat: Matt Symonds & Stanford Graduate School Of Business

Listen in as CentreCourt co-founder, Matt Symonds has a in-depth conversation with Stanford’s Director of Outreach for MBA Admissions about the application process, and how they choose the right candidates for GSB. Learn how their core mission “Changing Lives, Organizations, the World” shapes students and cohorts. The GSB leadership development curriculum is designed to help you answer the deep rooted question — Why should someone follow you? This informative session is one not to be missed.

Two-Perspectives, One School: Kelley School Of Business


Executive Program Director and a current student at Indiana University, Kelley School of Business discuss the integrated MBA core curriculum, small class size, networking opportunities, and more. The signature Me, Inc. professional development program for personal brand, innovative Academies and Case Competition are also highlighted. Tune in to see if IU is a fit for you.

The MBA Experience At Fuqua School Of Business

At Duke Fuqua’s daytime MBA program, current student and Associate Dean discuss program structure and student partnership. The academic journey is outlined including core classes, curriculum breadth, electives, experiential learning, faculty, and giving back to the community. Get the answers you need to determine how the Fuqua family helps students become the leaders the world needs.

In-Depth Conversation With Mendoza College Of Business

Learn more about the Magic of Mendoza. Notre Dame current student and MBA Academic Director/Assistant Teaching Professor share their personal experiences of the community-based service learning, leadership opportunities, and more. Small class sizes allow teams to align their aspirations while building real-world life long learning into future careers. Flexibility is built into the program for participants to craft and tell their own stories while fostering to build an ethical and well rounded journey. This session will provide you the thoughtful needed insight you are looking for.

Fireside Chat: Matt Symonds & MIT Sloan School Of Management

Listen in as Matt Symonds chats with Deans of MIT Sloan plays in the world. Mission is to front and center to develop students to be principled innovative leaders to improve the world. Leaders for Global Operations Program is designed to address the world’s great challenges. Hear how they attract a diverse cohort of individuals from around the world through the application process in an effort to get to know each other to tell your story.

Two-Perspectives, One School: IESE Business School

International MBA Admissions Director and IESE class of 2023 student share their personal perspective into the deep rooted IESE mission and values to instill positive business leadership in its graduates. The collaborative, purpose driven curriculum and diverse community helps to better prepare graduates to renowned companies and fellowship programs. You will gain insight into the extensive opportunities students are provided through thoughtfully curated professor content to provoke deep thinking and mission driven leadership skills.

Two-Perspectives, One School: Ross School Of Business

Join John A. Byrne, a member of the Class of 2023 – former Healthcare professional, and Director of Admissions at Michigan Ross. They explore the initiative that differentiates the Ross MBA from every other program in the world, how the students get involved in social impact, and how the MBA helps those looking for a career pivot.

Fireside Chat: Matt Symonds & Chicago Booth

Tune in for a conversation with Matt Symonds and Associate Dean with MBA Admissions as they discuss what make Chicago Booth special. They discuss alumni experiences, memorable applications, lifelong learning experiences, community, and more. Hear some fun facts as to the admissions class profile and their importance of learning about each student as an individual and hearing their unique personal stories. In this session you will find out first hand why Booth is more than just a quants school.

In-Depth Conversation With Baruch Zicklin School Of Business

This NYC based business school provides a high quality education at a great value. Learn from a current international student and the MBA Executive Director about the small intimate cohorts, flexible evening schedules, balancing time management, networking, clubs, plus more. Also hear how Baruch’s deep rooted traditions lend to a diverse experience where students design their own curriculum with the help of collaborative career coaches, academic and faculty advisors.

In-Depth Conversation With Emory University’s Goizueta Business School

A current Emory student and Head of Full-Time MBA Programs share how this intimate community allows students to cultivate a personal experience both in and out of the classroom through a small cohort. Rewarding academic intellectual stimulating core teams and infinity groups were discussed, along with Atlanta’s strong corporate community as a paramount relationship in the Emory MBA legacy. This session will help you decide if this may be the place for you.

Fireside Chat: John A. Byrne & Saïd Business School Dean Soumitra Dutta

Get a seat at the table as John A. Byrne speaks with Oxford Saïd Dean Soumitra Dutta. During this important and thoughtful discussion, you will hear about how Saïd MBA students are bringing a positive collective impact to social change by rethinking global issues and how Oxford’s rich tradition and history is developing modern business leaders to shape our future world. 

The MBA Experience At Warrington College Of Business

Learn about the three MBA options at University of Florida by hearing from a cohort president and student, along with Director of Graduate Business Career Services. Given its small cohort, students gain a valuable and up-close, personal experience filled with support not only from their professors but also the vast alumni network. If you are looking for a customized MBA journey that is small and curated, becoming a Gator may be the option for you.

In-Depth Conversation With Scheller College of Business

Georgia Tech is partnering business and technology by environmentally improving the human condition. Hear from Director of MBA Services and Student Class President about their individual personal experiences around concentrations and course work, the supportive culture of curriculum/alumni/career services, student fit, team work, plus the TI:GER and CHARGE Leadership programs. Find out why you should immerse yourself in the largest tech ecosystem in the Southeast.

Two-Perspectives, One School: IMD Business School

Student and start-up co-founder shares their perspective as to the decision to attend IMD. The Dean of MBA Programs joins the conversation to share the personalized approach the school takes to develop the next generation of business leaders. Find out if you are ready for change, self reflection, and have the needed mindset to get an MBA at IMD.

The MBA Experience At UNC Kenan-Flagler

At Kenan-Flagler, forward thinking, collaborative and curious students are built through the schools core values. Listen in as current student and Program Director share insights on courses, concentrations, electives, case competitions, group work, fellow programs, global experiences, perspective integration, and career exploration. Embrace the possibilities and your potential to leading organizations in the modern era by asking UNC “What if?”

Two-Perspectives, One School: Yale School Of Management

During this session the Assistant Dean for Admissions and a current student share the tangible and intangible benefits of Yale’s reputable SOM options. Hear about their desire to engage students aligned with the school’s mission and values. Allow Yale to provide the framework you will need to open the many doors in your future.

The MBA Experience At Rotterdam School Of Management

Becoming a force for positive change in the world is a Erasmus mission, sets them apart and drives everything they do. Hear from Academic Director RSM Erasmus FTMBA and a current student about how this impacted their personal journeys. Learn more about their work hard, play hard practices both in and outside of the classroom, their “I Will” statement, and more. Is this top ranked international school in Europe the place for you?

Two-Perspectives, One School: ESMT Berlin

Director of MBA Programs and a current student share the path to a transformative international experience at ESMT Berlin. Learn why this is not your traditional business school and why personal fit is so important. Find out how to invest in yourself through personal growth and professional development by bringing community, curiosity, courage, and rigor together to create responsible business leaders for tomorrow.

The MBA Experience At Tepper School Of Business

Hear more about an MBA at CMU Tepper from Assistant Dean of Masters Programs along with a current student and MBA fellowship recipient. Technology, innovation, reinvention and a strong emphasis on academics and career outcomes are paramount at Tepper. You will be provided a first hand glimpse on how this student stepped out of his comfort zone during his journey into an entrepreneurship.

Two-Perspectives, One School: UCLA Anderson School Of Management

Tune in as a current student along with alum and Assistant Dean & Director MBA Admissions provide a road map to an MBA at Anderson School. Hear how this student’s personal experience as he focuses his studies on the sports and entertainment industry. Outlined in this session is the summer quarter, cohort relationships, specialized electives, networking, opportunities in and out of the classroom, internships, campus and LA life. Is joining the UCLA Anderson family is a fit for you?

Fireside Chat: Matt Symonds & Columbia Business School

Join CentreCourt co-founder, Matt Symonds for an in-depth conversation with Michael Robinson, Alum and Assistant Dean of Engagement. In this session get a snapshot of their admitted all-in class members through their holistic approach. Learn why diversity is a cornerstone of an MBA at Columbia through their responsible and thoughtful values built by inclusion, empathy, thought provoking, and collaborative community. It is place where you will be challenged, tested and become better through deep lasting relationships.

Fireside Chat: Matt Symonds & Target Test Prep CEO/Founder

Join CentreCourt co-founder, Matt Symonds for an in-depth conversation with Scott Woodbury-Stewart as they break down standardized tests. Listen in as they debate and provide advice as to the GRE versus GMAT. Get the nuts and bolts as to the role these tests play in the selective MBA admissions process now and in the future. Tune in to this session if you are starting to prep for MBA testing to help you prepare with tips, insight, timeline, and more.

The MBA Experience At The Graduate School Of Business At Cape Town

Get a snapshot from MBA Programme Director and students about the intensive University of Cape Town MBA journey. South Africa is the gateway to African culture and this video will provide you a glimpse into the admission process, international student cohort, professors, networking, organizations, and more.

In-Depth With McCombs School Of Business

John A. Byrne speaks with Assistant Dean and Director of the Full-time Texas MBA Program along with a member of the Class of 2023. They cover how year one set up the student for his internship at Microsoft, highlights of the program, what differentiates McCombs from other schools, why Austin is a great place to live and much more.

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