Poets&Quants’ Top 100 MBA Startups Of 2023

Jason Buchel, MBA '22, recently graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business even though several MBA consultants told him he didn't have a shot in Round 3 applications. (Courtesy photo)

Stanford Graduate School of Business


P&Q’s 2023 100 Top Funded MBA Startups (51-75)

To qualify for this year’s list, a startup had to be founded between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2021, and must have at least one MBA founder during that same timeframe.
2023 Rank Startup $$ Raised (millions) Founder(s) School Industry Year Founded Location
51 Melonn $27.00 Andres Gomez Harvard Business School E-Commerce, IT 2020
Medellín, Colombia
52 Higo $26.63 Juan Fernandez Gallardo Marque Harvard Business School Software 2020 Mexico City
53 Pocus $26.50 Alexa Grabell Stanford GSB Product-led Sales 2021 San Francisco
54 Highlight $26.30 Dana Kim, Ethan Kellough Wharton Consumer Tech, IoT, Data Analytics 2020 New York City
55 ApnaKlub $26.20 Shruti Shruti Harvard Business School E-Commerce 2020 Bengaluru, India
56 Pipo Saude $26.02 Thiago Torres INSEAD Health Care 2019
São Paulo, Brazil
57 CellX $26.00 Ran Liu Stanford GSB Food Production 2020
Shanghai, China
58 Wagmo, Inc $24.60 Christine Horvath Harvard Business School Pets 2018 New York City
59 Sightfull $24.50 Noam Liran INSEAD Software 2020 San Francisco
60 Chronus Health $24.00 Anand Parikh UC San Diego (Rady) Health Care, BioTech 2018
Mountain View, California
61 Payflow $23.00 Benoit Menardo INSEAD FinTech 2020
Barcelona, Spain
62 Trust Lab $22.90 Benji Loney Stanford GSB Internet 2020
Palo Alto, California
63 Anomoly Insights $22.12 Jacob Shiff Stanford GSB Enterprise Systems, Healthcare, FinTech 2020 New York City
64 SafeBase $22.00 Adar Arnon, Ahmad Yang Harvard Business School Cloud Security 2020 San Francisco
65 ErudiFi $21.62 Riche Lim Stanford GSB Financial software 2018 Singapore
66 Rightfoot $21.40 Danielle Pensack, Deirdre Clute Stanford GSB Financial Services 2019
San Francisco, California
67 Pawlicy Advisor $20.00 Christopher Mawhinney Columbia Business School IT/Pet Insurance 2018 New York City
68 Maev $19.60 Katherine Spies Harvard Business School Consumer Goods, E-Commerce 2018 New York City
69 LBox $19.00 Gene Lee UC Berkeley Haas FinTech 2019
Seoul, South Korea
70 Azos $18.74 Rafael Cló, Renato Farias Stanford GSB InsurTech 2020
São Paulo, Brazil
71 Praxis Labs $18.71 Elise Smith Stanford GSB Edtech 2019
Stanford, California
72 Vested $18.25 Viram Shah, Darwin Arifin & Eric Huynh UC Berkeley Haas FinTech 2018
Berkeley, California
73 Capim $17.60 Marcelo Lutz, Roberto Biselli INSEAD FinTech 2021
Sao Paulo, Brazil
74 wagr $16.67 Mario Malave, Eliana Eskinazi Harvard Business School Apps, Sports 2020
Nashville, Tennessee
75 Glyphic Biotechnologies $16.00 Josh Yang Stanford GSB Biotech 2021 New York City

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