Meet The HEC Paris Alumni: Bruno Mickael da Silva

Bruno Mickael da Silva 

Class / Grad Year:
Class of 2021

Current Employer / Role:
LIVO ( / Co-founder & CFO

Best Memory at School:
Personal Relationship: My most cherished memory at HEC Paris revolves around the deep and meaningful personal connections I formed with my classmates. In one-on-one conversations, I discovered the remarkable journeys they undertook to reach the program, which often involved overcoming significant challenges. This shared understanding led to tears of empathy and the realization that we truly deserved to be there together. These friendships forged during my MBA will last a lifetime.

It was a delight to immerse myself in the vibrant celebrations of Indian and Asian cultures, the heartwarming Thanksgiving gatherings hosted by North American students, and the lively Latin American barbecues. These events allowed me to learn, connect, and share with individuals from around the world, contributing to a global perspective that has enriched my life.

One standout memory in the academic realm was the immersive experience of participating in a real-life, real-time business simulation. This entailed managing a company where every decision had a direct and immediate impact on various outcomes. It was a high-pressure environment that demanded constant interaction with teams composed of individuals from many different nationalities and diverse backgrounds. This hands-on experience was both challenging and rewarding, providing a unique opportunity to develop crucial skills while navigating the complexities of a global team.

Biggest Achievement at School:
I established and led a case competition team of six that participated in the Venture Capital Investment Competition at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. Our team excelled, clinching victory in the university final and securing the top spot in the regional final. We went on to achieve a remarkable feat by reaching the prestigious top 10 position worldwide for the global finals.

Your Advice To Incoming first years:
First, embrace every opportunity to network and collaborate. Your fellow classmates represent a treasure of insights and connections that can significantly impact your life. Consider setting aside time for one-on-one interactions during meals to foster deeper connections.

Second, commit wholeheartedly to your MBA journey. Give it your absolute best, pouring in 200% effort to maximize the benefits of this transformative experience.

Finally, be open to trying everything and anything that comes your way. The MBA years are a unique phase in your life where you have the freedom to explore various paths without judgment. You might stumble upon a direction you had not initially considered.

Where do you currently live?:
Cartagena, Colombia and Singapore

Fun fact:
I’ve lived on all the continents except for Antarctica, I have traveled to 80+ countries and I speak 4.5 languages fluently (I am working on my Mandarin to get a full 5).

Why did you choose your school?:
I chose HEC Paris for its excellent reputation, world-class faculty, and the strong emphasis on Finance and Entrepreneurship. I also wanted to have a class that was extremely international to create a true global network. I did the HEC-NUS double degree MBA, so it was also relevant that HEC has this partnership in place with the National University of Singapore.

What student organizations did you join?:
I initiated and spearheaded The Iceberg Series, a student-led initiative that served as a secure and supportive platform for MBA students to openly share their personal narratives with their peers, all while honing their public speaking skills.

Favorite Trait in Others:
I highly value authenticity in others. I appreciate individuals who are genuine and true to themselves.

One Thing You Would’ve Changed in the MBA Experience:
Reflecting on the already intensive nature of the program, I would introduce additional modules focused on personal development. These modules could involve mentorship and access to psychologists to nurture self-confidence and inner peace. Balancing a successful professional and family life hinges on these essential aspects. While I was fortunate to participate in the TEC program, which was limited to 24 students from the entire class, I believe such opportunities should be made available to all students of the program.

Favorite class:
While every class provided valuable insights, if I were to single out one, it would be the Corporate Finance course taught by the late Professor Denis Gromb. Denis had an extraordinary talent for simplifying complex concepts through real-life examples. The knowledge I gained from this class has been directly applicable to my daily professional life, and I continue to revisit the lessons whenever the need arises. In fact, my connection with Denis extended beyond the classroom, as we met for a post-graduation coffee chat to delve into a more intricate corporate finance business model I was working on.

One secret to Success: 
Consistent dedication and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances are key to success. Stay committed to your goals and be flexible in your approach.

What is your biggest regret?:
My biggest regret from my MBA experience is not taking on more internship opportunities. Looking back, I believe that engaging in additional internships would have provided me with a broader spectrum of practical experiences and a deeper understanding of various industries. It could have helped me further explore potential career paths and acquire a more well-rounded skill set.

What is the next thing you’re going to do on your bucket list?:
I consider myself an explorer at heart, and my Portuguese heritage might play a part in that. I have three goals I hope to achieve in the next 3-5 years. From then, I will keep travelling the world with my loved one.

1. Attain fluency in Mandarin.
2. Obtain a pilot’s license.
3. Acquire a boat license.

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