Meet The HEC Paris Alumni: Moussa Nakoulima

Moussa Nakoulima

Class / Grad Year: Class of 2019

Current Employer / Role: European Investment Bank – Public Sector Investments and Country Relations Officer

Best Memory at School:
Without a doubt it’s the fantastic spirit of solidarity and friendship within my MBA cohort. The diversity of profile and experience: some of the brightest and smartest people I’ve had the chance to meet in my life are people I now have the privilege of calling friends.

Biggest Achievement at School:
Ending my MBA program with a whole new set of technical knowledge, with new reflexes and improved acumen, is obviously the best thing I got out of HEC. In addition and maybe most of all, being part of the network of talented and skilled people I met during my MBA is one of the highlights of my time at HEC.

Your Advice To Incoming first years:
I’d urge them to consider the next months not only as a pause from the daily routines they have at work but as an opportunity to challenge themselves and possibly an opportunity to reset their career. Many of them will enroll after having spent many years in the same industry or sector, so for them and for all those who want to either disrupt the entrenched industry they are in or just explore other avenues, joining the MBA Program is a once in a lifetime chance to do just that.

Where do you currently live?:
I currently live in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. After graduating, I lived in Luxembourg for a while and a about a year ago I moved to Abidjan with my family.

Fun fact about you:
Well… I’m a sneaker addict and I collect one brand in particular: Jordans. I seldom put on any of my sneakers, I actually never do…
So, I remember one evening with a few others from my class, we were heading to the canteen for dinner and the path was very muddy, I preferred skip dinner rather than getting my white and navy Js dirty.

Why did you choose your school?:
For two reasons: first because of HEC’s stellar reputation and legacy of excellence, and second, the nurturing environment provided by the school, from the MBA administrative team that supported us even before we arrived, all the way to the Alumni network.

What student organizations did you join?:
I joined the Africa Club. As a Senegalese national, it mattered to me to join a club that was interested in and was also discussing the vibrant and dynamic business climate in Africa. I was excited to be part of a club that would reflect this dynamic and vibrant portrait in one of the top business schools.

One Thing You Would’ve Changed in the MBA Experience:
Absolutely nothing. With the benefit of hindsight, I’d say that the entire experience was well-balanced.

Favorite Class?:
It was the Corporate Finance class with Prof. Denis Gromb. His class was lively, Prof. Gromb took the time to engage with every person in the class. He was passionate about the subject and helped us debunk complex corporate transactions. The sad news of Prof. Gromb’s passing last year hit very hard. May he rest in peace.

One secret to Success:
To this day, I’m still striving to figure it out.

What is your biggest regret?

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