Harvard Business School Faculty Recognized For Teaching Excellence

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Harvard Business School Faculty Recognized for Excellence and Dedication to Teaching

Four Harvard Business School faculty members—Juan Alcacer, Ryan Buell, David Moss, and Sophus Reinert—were honored with Faculty Teaching Awards by the graduating class of 2024.

The award is granted to professors who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to teaching and have made a significant positive impact on students’ academic and personal growth. Students selected faculty based on six criteria: Inspiration, Knowledge Transfer, Accessibility, Career Guidance, Quality of Life, and Feedback.

“When we look back on our time at Harvard Business School, we all will remember at least one faculty member who left an indelible mark on our lives,” Matt Glynn, Katie Kondry, and Tricia Peralta, 2024 Class Day Committee co-chairs, say. “For some, this will be through a lens or a framework a professor had imparted that changed their world view. For others, it will be through the thoughtful advice and support that helped them find the courage to make difficult decisions. This year’s Faculty Teaching Award recipients are celebrated and recognized for their outsized impact in providing a truly special experience for the Class of 2024.”


Juan Alcacer, a professor in the Strategy Unit, was honored for the first time. Students praised Alcacer’s dedication to their professional and personal growth.

“Professor Alcacer’s commitment to not just our education, but to us as individuals, has left a profound impact,” one student says. “It is clear how much effort he puts into understanding and supporting us, not just academically but personally. His passion for teaching and genuine care for his students shines through in everything he does, and it’s truly inspiring to witness.”


Sophus Reinert, a professor in the Business, Government, and International Economy Unit and a five-time honoree, was commended for encouraging diverse perspectives and facilitating complex discussions in the classroom.

“I looked forward to going to Sophus’s class every day. I think it was incredible how he created an environment where all viewpoints are equally and reasonably considered—a task that’s sometimes difficult,” one student comments. “Unlike almost every other teacher I’ve had, he’s open-minded and doesn’t let his own views bias his teaching.”


Ryan Buell, a professor in the Technology and Operations Management Unit and first-time award recipient, was recognized by students for his energy and the preparation he puts into each class.

“Professor Buell is a superb professor and an even better human being,” one student says. “He was able to make a very technical subject lighter and fun to learn. He was always available for students inside and outside of the classroom, and he engaged with students to talk about life, personal projects, and course topics. He was very honest and transparent in class, and his own vulnerability inspired us to bring our true selves to the class and to the discussion.”


David Moss, another professor in the Business, Government, and International Economy Unit and twelve-time award recipient, was honored for his mastery of the case method and facilitating thoughtful debates. Students noted that Moss’s extensive experience enabled him to lead engaging and insightful discussions on complex business challenges.

“Professor Moss embodies the case method,” one student states. “He is an expert at facilitating discussion and debating complex topics like the Great Depression. I would perhaps even call him the pinnacle of ‘liberal arts’ teaching at HBS since he draws from several different disciplines—finance, economics, history, and sociology—to push us to think beyond just our immediate circumstances and to start thinking about the broader context. He also really cares about each student and took the time to answer all my questions during office hours and after class.”

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