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Emily Sawyer-Kegerreis

Head Consultant

Veritas Prep

San Antonio, Texas

United States

Consultant Bio

Are you a military applicant concerned about how to effectively translate your leadership experiences into language civilian admissions officers will understand? Emily is a career development professional with an excellent track record of helping military clients get into their top-pick MBA programs and successfully transition into civilian business careers. Her military clients appreciate that Emily “speaks” military — not only is she married to an active duty officer and West Point graduate, but she also has a small career consulting business which specializes in helping transitioning military members with resumes, job searches and interview preparation. Emily has over ten years of experience in the business school space, having witnessed firsthand the value of an MBA as a student, Fortune 50 brand manager, top-20 program recruiter, professor, admissions director, and private consultant. She gets high marks from her clients for her whole-person approach, individualized service and quick response times. Emily is also a true global citizen, having lived in five countries and visited many more, both for fun and as part of her previous work experience in global marketing for Johnson and Johnson. In addition to military clients, Emily enjoys leveraging her background in admissions and global business to help international clients, as well as those on non-traditional career paths who may benefit from extra career goals exploration.

Company Information

Veritas Prep
From its 2002 launch on the campus of Yale University, to serving more than 50,000 MBA applicants over the past decade, Veritas Prep has been fueled by the desire to help applicants get admitted to their dream schools. Its team includes more former MBA admissions directors and associate directors from top programs than any other admissions consulting firm.
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Location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

Phone: 310-456-8716

Email: info@veritasprep.com

Website: https://www.veritasprep.com/

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