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Graham Balch

MBA Admissions Consultant


San Francisco, California

United States

Consultant Bio

I am willing to bet three things about myself verses other MBA Admissions Consultants:
1. I made a bigger mistake on my business school application than any other MBA Admissions Consultant you might work with – in fact, I made the ‘wall of shame’ and when the Director of Admissions at Wharton where I got my MBA connected me to my application, she could not stop laughing.
2. I had to travel the farthest to complete my application since I was in the Peace Corps when applying to business school and had to travel 8 hours to the capitol of Guatemala to use the internet.
3. In addition to having done admissions work at the undergraduate and graduate level, as a former HR executive, I have done more job interviews and talent assessment than any other MBA Admissions Consultant, which enables me to help prepare you for your business school interview very well.

Company Information

EXPARTUS is a boutique agency, with a team that offers a unique case/team approach to helping candidates develop the right positioning and narrative for their top school choices. EXPARTUS was founded by a former AdCom of HBS over ten years ago, and has since worked with MBA applicants from over 100 countries. We are not the right for every candidate and use our free assessment to discuss our process and assess joint fit. Clients have the flexibility to sign up for our comprehensive school packages, which includes our proprietary personal branding process, or our hourly services.

I love working with EXPARTUS. When I joined, I had offers from a handful of admissions consulting firms and chose EXPARTUS because I believe applying to business school is more than writing applications and essays. It is an incredible opportunity to think about your professional and personal journey through life. By helping you develop your personal brand, it gives you the tools to present yourself purposefully, consistently and authentically to business schools and get admitted.

The personal brand system we use at EXPARTUS is different than the process used by any other firm. We help you figure out your personal branding and then use this strategic framework to drive every aspect of your application.

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

EXPARTUS specializes on the top schools and we have enjoyed working with MBA applicants from over 100 countries and helping them make their business school dreams a reality. We are not right for everyone and use our free assessment to gauge whether we are a fit for each other. Clients have the flexibility to sign up for our comprehensive school packages or our hourly service which covers the following: Personal brand development Essay editing Interview preparation Recommendation strategy Waitlist support Re-application assessment Early start planning

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Phone: 404-514-8876



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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • Top-notch experience with Graham
    4 weeks ago
    "After over a dozen consultation calls with various firms I chose to work with Graham on my applications to two of my top-choice schools. From the very beginning Graham took the time to understand my goals for an MBA and craft a personal narrative that spoke to my background and accomplishments in a way that resonated with my target schools. Graham went above and beyond at every stage - we spoke dozens of times over a period of 7 months and I never had any issues getting in touch. There was never a barrier to getting his advice at any stage of the application process, and he made sure I was prepared at each stage. Could not recommend Graham and Expartus highly enough. At the ...Read the full review.
    - Matthew B
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  • Amazing Experience with Graham
    11 months ago
    "I chose to work with Graham after a few informational calls with other consultants and I knew he would be great at getting me the personalized help I need. Graham is attentive, professional, and very good at getting to my story. I really appreciated our first few sessions where we talked about all my life experiences (not just the successes), career goals, and what's important to me. The Personal Branding approach taken on by Expartus and Graham really helped me articulate my story and set me up for all my applications, including the ones that I completed myself in Round 2. Graham was very flexible in finding time for discussions, and went above and beyond in giving me opportunities to tap into his network to ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019,
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  • Personal, Professional, Practised
    1 year ago
    "From our first conversation Graham had a knack for opening me up and teasing out stories from my past that I hadn’t thought of in years. His open style allowed us to cover a large range of topics before honing in on what was really important to me and therefore what belonged in my application. Graham was consistent and reliable throughout all of our many conversations and we had a personal relationship that enabled us to speak of many things outside of my MBA. He even met me in person when I visited my target school. In addition to advice about my application Graham introduced me to several of his contacts in my chosen industry to whom I was able to speak prior to submitting ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2019,
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  • ADMITTED with Graham!
    2 years ago
    "After previously applying to business school without much success, I started searching for the right consultant to help me polish my application. I first learned about Expartus through a friend, and couldn't be more thankful to have worked with Graham. Graham focused on helping me develop my personal brand, which was key in demonstrating authenticity in my essays and anecdotes. He was always quick to respond to my questions, and went OVER AND BEYOND during the ENTIRE application process. I honestly feel that I received more help than I had expected or paid for from Graham. He never counted the times we spent on the phone; rather he was focused on assisting me in every way possible. He also happily connected me with people within ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2018, Admit
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  • Top Notch Consultant
    2 years ago
    "It’s rare that you come across a standout consulting like Graham. Ridiculously efficient at getting your story right is what comes to mind when I think about Graham. I worked with Graham through Expartus to apply for business school in 2016 and got into my top choice school with a full scholarship despite having a lower GMAT. Graham has a natural talent for helping people craft their authentic stories; he is incredibly knowledgeable on the MBA admissions process. He is also globally aware – and he has the ability to make your unique talent stand out on paper. Graham also pushed me to think cleverly and no matter how tense I felt, Graham made sure I finished our meetings with a smile. I am extremely ...Read the full review.
    Class of 2018, Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.