Harvard | Mr. Google Tech
GMAT 770, GPA 2.2
Columbia | Mr. Chartered Accountant
GMAT 730, GPA 2.7
Kellogg | Mr. Hopeful Admit
GMAT Waived, GPA 4.0
London Business School | Mr. Indian Mad Man
GMAT Have not taken yet, GPA 2.8
Kellogg | Mr. Operations Analyst
GMAT Waived, GPA 3.3
UCLA Anderson | Mr. Microsoft India
GMAT 780, GPA 7.14
Harvard | Mr. Belgium 2+2
GMAT 760, GPA 3.8
Harvard | Mr. Public Health
GRE 312, GPA 3.3
Rice Jones | Mr. ToastMasters Treasurer
GMAT 730, GPA 3.7
Kellogg | Mr. IDF Commander
GRE Waved, GPA 3.0
Harvard | Mr. Community Impact
GMAT 690, GPA 3.0
Berkeley Haas | Mx. CPG Marketer
GMAT 750, GPA 3.95
Kenan-Flagler | Mr. Healthcare Provider
GMAT COVID19 Exemption, GPA 3.68
Stanford GSB | Mr. Brazilian Tech
GMAT 730, GPA Top 10%
Wharton | Mr. Philanthropist
GRE 324, GPA 3.71
INSEAD | Ms. Investment Officer
GMAT Not taken, GPA 16/20 (French scale)
McCombs School of Business | Mr. Startup Of You
GMAT 770, GPA 2.4
NYU Stern | Mr. Washed-Up Athlete
GRE 325, GPA 3.4
Harvard | Mr. Future Family Legacy
GMAT Not Yet Taken (Expected 700-750), GPA 3.0
London Business School | Mr. Consulting To IB
GMAT 700, GPA 2.4
Cornell Johnson | Mr. SAP SD Analyst
GMAT 660, GPA 3.60
Ross | Mr. Professional MMA
GMAT 640, GPA 3.3
Harvard | Mr. Healthcare Investment
GMAT 730, GPA 3.6
Harvard | Mr. Tech Exec
Wharton | Ms. Project Mananger
GMAT 770, GPA 3.86
MIT Sloan | Mr. NFL Team Analyst
GMAT 720, GPA 3.8
Kellogg | Mr. Big Beer
GMAT Waived, GPA 4.0

Greg Guglielmo


Avanti Prep

New York, New York

United States

Consultant Bio

My name is Greg Guglielmo and I am the Founder of Avanti Prep, a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm. I pride myself on offering an unmatched level of personal commitment, care, and attention to detail to clients, along with expertise across MBA admissions, coaching, storytelling, writing, and messaging.

I realize that may sound a bit like everyone on here, but I genuinely believe that my clients’ experiences and results tell a differentiated story. I invest completely in those who place their trust in me, and I deliver a unique degree of time, depth, and quality per engagement. So please keep reading and check out my reviews!

As far as background is concerned, I earned my MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where I served on Haas’s eight-person student admissions team, conducted interviews, received a Haas Leadership Scholarship, and graduated with honors. I completed my undergraduate degree at Georgetown University.

Prior to founding Avanti Prep, I worked with applicants at Critical Square, another very successful boutique admissions consulting firm. Professionally, I’ve also worked for a leading private equity firm in San Francisco and was a Vice President at J.P. Morgan in New York, managing client relationships in the firm’s Asset Management business.

My written work has been published in leading media outlets, including ESPN and Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight (ABC News), and covered by The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others. Those writing and storytelling skills come in very handy when we’re in the (exciting) throes of story development and essay reviews!

Company Information

References to “quality” and “commitment” are easy to make in a bio like this, but they don’t mean much when they’re just words on a page. With that in mind, I strongly encourage you to read through my client testimonials (on my website, on GMAT Club, and down below) in order to understand what “quality” and “commitment” have meant to the applicants I’ve worked with.

In doing so, you might notice a few instances in which I worked with clients who had previously (unsuccessfully) worked with other consulting firms, striking out across schools before earning multiple admits and significant scholarships when we worked together in the next round or year (with the same stats and on the same or similar schools). I believe these case studies are the most telling with respect to the differentiated “quality” and “commitment” that I keep mentioning.

I hope we can meet, so please sign up for a Free Consultation via the link below!

Menu of Services and Associated Costs

I offer Packages (two tiers), Hourly Services, and à-la-carte Interview Prep. The Comprehensive Package spans every element of the application process. Hourly Services can be flexibly applied in any quantity or manner that you’d like.
My Interview Prep offering includes a school-specific mock interview and question-by-question coaching-and-feedback session, all over 2.5 hours – which is a good 90 minutes longer than the typical Interview Prep session you’ll find elsewhere!
For more details, please visit www.avantiprep.com.

Location: New York, New York, United States

Email: greg@avantiprep.com

Website: https://www.avantiprep.com/free-consultation

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P&Q Consultant Reviews

  • M7 - Through Waitlist Support, Crystallized Storytelling & Going The Extra Mile
    3 weeks ago
    Previously, Greg helped me with an interview prep to Booth. His efforts resulted in a waitlist. And I am very passionate about support Greg provided to me with it. We worked on Booth waitlist updates in 2 stages - a video update and a written update. Video update - a core requirement of Booth. I worked with him in a couple of steps - 1)Brainstorm 2) First draft 3) Second draft. During the brainstorm, Greg helped me pick those themes and topics, which matter for the school the most, focused me on how to create a story and develop content. It was extremely important because a video is only 60 seconds, so I needed to make every word count. During the review of my ...
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    Class of 2022 Waitlist
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  • High Quality, Thorough, & Pleasant
    3 weeks ago
    I first heard about Avanti Prep from a coworker that had worked with Greg. At the time, I was considering applying to an MBA program and reached out to Greg for a free consultation. I was blown away by his thoughtfulness and thoroughness during the initial call, which lasted nearly an hour longer than scheduled. Though I hadn’t decided to apply, I knew I would work with Greg if I did. A few months later, I had pinpointed the perfect JD/MBA program at an M7 school. To his credit, Greg was upfront with me that as a “cookie-cutter” candidate (white male, solid GMAT, financial services background), my likelihood of being admitted was not exceedingly high. Nevertheless, I decided to go for it. After I presented ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2020 Applicant
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  • Accepted to Dream Top-20 Program w/ $$ (Over-Represented Applicant w/ Average Stats)
    4 weeks ago
    Profile and Background I am a 30-year-old engineer, am from an over-represented group, have two degrees in electrical engineering, and have pretty average stats. I have worked in the energy industry for almost 7 years at a pretty niche company with some promotions but no direct management experience. • Age: 30 • Demographics: White American male • Electrical engineer in energy industry • GMAT: 710 (Q49, V39, IR6, AWA6) • Undergrad GPA: 3.3, Graduate GPA: 3.9 • Small, non-target school barely scraping the T-100 (bachelor’s and master’s) • Work Experience: ~7 years w/ no direct management experience • Applied in Round 2 to only one school (will explain this later) I have a pretty basic profile and had been preparing 2+ years for the GMAT. Summer 2019 came along, and I still had not hit my target GMAT score and had little ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2022 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Excellent Service, Attention to Detail, & Holistic Thinking - Accepted to Wharton
    4 weeks ago
    I worked with Greg to prepare my essays, CV, and overall application for Wharton. From day 1, he went above and beyond to understand my story, identify strengths and weaknesses, and help me articulate everything I wanted to say in the most effective and concise way. One of the key highlights of my partnership with Greg was that I always felt I was a priority, which showed in the quality and timeliness of his insights and advice. He understood the school, what was important, and how to bring various elements together to maximize impact. Finally, his style shows a great balance between professionalism and friendliness. I highly recommend Greg and would not hesitate to work with him again.
    Class of 2020 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Top Notch Experience | Full Scholarship at Top 40 U.S. Program Despite Average GMAT & GRE
    1 month ago
    Profile: - Indian Male with Engineering background - GMAT – 660 (Q50, V29); GRE – 315 (Q166, V149); GPA – 9/10 - 7 years of work experience in Data Science and Advanced Analytics with exposure to several impactful projects; Fortune 25 firm - Domain knowledge in Retail and Healthcare - Acquired knowledge in Finance through reading books and attending conferences A step backward on my own: I had my scores by the end of June and started out to apply for various business schools in Asia, US, and Europe to meet the Round 1 deadlines. As I navigated through the application process by drafting my own essays and resume, I received reviews from my friends that the essays lacked punch and subsequently realized that I had wasted more than a month of precious time to create ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2022 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Tier 3 Package – Accepted To Two M7 Programs With Large Scholarships
    1 month ago
    Background: • White Male – US with military experience • 5 years work experience mostly in military and <1 year engineering • GPA: 3.5 Engineering from large public university • GMAT: 730 • Reapplicant to both schools Greg’s Dedication: I fully recommend Greg to any applicant to business school or any person looking for professional advice. I was connected to Greg through the recommendation of a mutual friend and his help guided me through an incredibly stressful time in my life. Beyond gaining acceptance to two of the best MBA programs with large scholarships to both schools, he also helped me through my transition out of the military, navigate several different job offers and strategies, and provided professional advice to help me achieve the best outcome for my situation. This allowed me to make a significant ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2020 Admit
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Thorough & Thoughtful: Military Applicant Heading To Top International Program
    2 months ago
    I come from the military, graduated middle of my class from college with a double major and sub 3.0 GPA, and scored below 700 on my GMAT. I’ve had good military experience, but my low scores, condensed GMAT preparation and lack of familiarity with the professional landscape and business school process didn’t quite set me up for success in my applications. Working with Greg at Avanti Prep helped me overcome all of this and land a spot at my dream school. I signed up for Avanti Prep’s Tier 3 Package and was thoroughly satisfied and impressed. Over the course of 9 months, Greg comprehensively interviewed me to understand my life story and future goals and assisted me with transforming those personal and professional stories into compelling ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2022 Admit
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  • Complete Overhaul Of Resume & Cover Letter Got Me The Job!
    2 months ago
    I had been actively engaged in a job search for over 6 months in the highly competitive business development field in the beauty technology space and received feedback in one 30 min intro interview that there had been over 1000 applicants applying for that one position. Upon hearing this, and after several months of looking without luck, I knew I needed to upgrade my resume and cover letter to make sure I was putting my best foot forward in this sea of applicants. When I first reached out to Greg, I thought my resume and cover letter were in decent shape and only probably needed slight tweaks... I honestly thought this, but I didn't know what I didn't know! During our initial consultation, Greg was ...
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    Krystal Ng
    Career Coaching
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  • Unparalleled Level of Care, Depth and Personalization
    3 months ago
    GMAT 710, GPA 3-64, East European male, Analyst at Big-3 management consultancy. I enrolled in one full Interview Prep session, which included a mock interview in the style of Booth, followed by a comprehensive feedback session. The session was scheduled for 2 hours and 30 minutes; we ended up going for 3 hours and 45 minutes. This experience greatly deepened my insights about the interview process and helped me structure my mind and my story. I was able to communicate key ideas in a top-down way and Greg helped me shape my ideas in an easy to digest way. I signed up for this session because of an expected beyond the average level of care. My hopes were fully fulfilled: I received unparalleled help in terms of the ...
    Read the full review
    Class of 2022 Applicant
    All reviews are independently verified by Poets&Quants staff.
  • Great Help with Interview Prep & Scholarship Negotiation - a T10 & T15 Admit with 100k in Scholarships!
    3 months ago
    My background: Indian male, 30 years old, first-time applicant Undergrad: Engineering from an IIT with a decent GPA Postgrad: PGDM in Marketing and Communications from a Top 20 Indian school 5.5 years of work experience in advertising, branding, and product marketing roles GMAT: 750 When I decided to apply to business schools, my profile had quite a few obstacles that usually end up crushing most applicants’ dreams - a highly competitive demographic pool, age, no blue-chip employers on the resume, lot of job switches, and what some schools would consider a second MBA situation as well. Still, I knew that this was my ‘one and done’ shot at business schools, and so, I decided to give it my everything. I targeted one M7, three top 10, and one top 15 school ...
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    Class of 2022 Admit
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