Mr. Just And Right

About Me:

A problem-solver at heart and a well-rounded individual on a professional and personal level who’s had the good fortune of traversing cultural boundaries across a variety of countries in Asia and Europe. This, coupled with my genuine interest in people, has helped me acclimate well to any environment and hone my people skills.


Target School: N U Singapore

Considering: Kellogg SOM, INSEAD

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Application Status: Open


Undergrad School: University College London

Undergrad Major: Information Management for Business

GPA: 4.0

GMAT: 700

Age: 28,  Ethnicity: Asian or Indian

Other Degree/Certification: Master's in Science

School Name: University College London

Extracurriculars: Mentoring underprivileged students and teaching them basic English remotely (follow up to an Overseas Volunteering trip last year), Recreational committee member - responsible for organising team-building & learning and development events for the Department on a quarterly basis

Work History:

Title: Business Systems Analyst



Length of Employment: 2 yrs

Title: Business Systems Analyst

Industry: Technology

Company: Global

Length of Employment: 2 yrs

Big Life Wins:

Youngest BA to be involved in an RFP process in the team and got the opportunity to present to the SteerCo. Recognized as a valuable contributor during my Volunteering visit overseas to teach underprivileged students.

Post MBA Goal:

Hoping to use the MBA runway to discover where to end up at, but one thing’s for certain – I wish to solve problems for others – be it for Consumers or Organisations. While Consulting sounds like the logical option here, I also wish to own something and I feel Product Management might be a natural next step from my current Business Analyst role.


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  • Stratus Admissions Counseling Odds Assessment: 40%

    Hi Mr. Just and Right, Melisa here from Stratus Admissions. Your profile looks solid for NUS, a bit more of a challenge for Kellogg and INSEAD based on your GMAT score. But this is only one part of the application. Where I see your opportunity is to spend time honing in on your goals. Admissions committees are expecting you to have thought through your career path pre-MBA. This is because a part of their process is to assess whether your path is feasible and if their program can get you there. While you will have lots of time to explore different opportunities in a b school program – you need to have a plan when you enter – or those 2 years will fly by …

    4 years ago Read the full review

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