Mr. Navy Submariner

About Me:

I grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. Since I was in high school, I knew I wanted to work in the alternative energy industry, ironic since I grew up in Oil-Land! That is why I chose to major in nuclear engineering and join the US Navy nuclear workforce. For fun, I play guitar, which has taught me persistence and dedication.


Target School: Harvard

Considering: Columbia, MIT Sloan, Kellogg SOM

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Application Status: Invited to Interview


Undergrad School: Texas A&M University

Undergrad Major: Nuclear Engineering

GPA: 3.24

GRE: 322

Age: 30,  Ethnicity: White

Other Degree/Certification: Masters in Engineering Management

School Name: Old Dominion University

Extracurriculars: Co-Founder of Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity Chapter at Texas A&M University, Elementary school tutor while in college, and a Guitar performer in a Christian music group while in college.

Work History:

Title: Promotion Board Sponsor

Industry: Government / Military

Company: Navy

Length of Employment: 3 yrs, 1 mos

Title: Nuclear Submarine Officer

Industry: Government / Military

Company: Navy

Length of Employment: 3 yrs, 1 mos

Big Life Wins:

– On the submarine, I was in charge of the first emergency battery recharging plan. I developed a plan to allow the ship to remove emergency battery power and recharge the battery in a healthy manner.
– I was in charge of the largest promotion board in Navy history which corrected previous errors, allowing 50 people a fresh chance for promotion.

Post MBA Goal:

My career aspiration is to join MBB as a generalist consultant, expanding on my Navy leadership experience in a broad variety of industries. Over time, I hope to specialize in alternative energy at MBB. In the long term, I will seek an executive role at a large energy firm, driving the use of alternative sources.


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    Hi Mr. Navy Submariner, Julie-Anne Heafey here with mbaMission (and HBS grad). Since you’re an engineer, I’m sure you’ve already calculated the usual odds of success with a Harvard interview – about 50/50. At some schools I’d say the interview is more of one data point among many, but at Harvard it does tend to be more important because of the case method. They want to see what you’re like live in a room (or Zoom) as a proxy for how you’ll contribute to a case discussion in the classroom. In this instance, the case is your own application! So, who better than you to discuss it? It’s hard to give you much higher odds than the norm in this forum since …

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