More Women Getting MBAs But….

Class of 2010 Female Alumni Earnings = $78,254

Employed alumnae from the class of 2010 reported a median salary of US $78,254 on their post-graduation job. The mean salary reported by men was $74,820.

Source: GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey, 2010

Regarding Salary: Factors such as choice of industry, average hours worked, organizational focus in local/regional/inter-national realm, job level, and supervisory duties, as well as demographics (in the case of women, leaving business school on average at a younger age with fewer years’ work experience) reflect choices of women in employment, and consequently earnings.

Class of 2010 by Region of Citizenship and Gender with Median

Salary Figures

(includes both new employer or continued employer)

United States Europe Asia Pacific Islands

Women  Men  Women Men Women Men

$74,000 $77,500 $44,960 $97,444 $42,335 $75,000

Value of Graduate Management Education

92% Women Believe Their Degree is Outstanding, Excellent, or Good Value

Women feel their degree is an outstanding, excellent, or good value (men = 92 percent). Women (and men) graduating from Full-time two year programs rated their programs the higher when compared with all other program types.

Source: GMAC Global Management Education Graduate Survey, 2010

Alumnae Give High Ratings to their Education Outcomes

(similar to male peers)

New research shows the percentage of Alumnae from graduating classes

of 2000 to 2010 who said their education outcomes were outstanding,

excellent, or good in the following ways:

• Preparation for my chosen career (91% women, versus 91% men)

• Preparation for leadership positions (92% women, versus 92% men)

• Development of quantitative analysis skills (92% women, versus

92% men)

• Development of qualitative analysis skills (95% women, versus 96%


• Opportunities for quicker career advancement (86% women, versus

89% men)

• Increased earnings power (88% women, versus 85% men)

Source: GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey, 2010