GMAT Pill Offers Simpler Approach

Magoosh is not the only small firm trying to carve out a niche for itself in the GMAT prep industry. Zeke Lee founded GMAT Pill after improving from a 68th percentile GMAT score to the 98th percentile in just two weeks, using his own unique study methods.

He began to teach his method to others, and as more people heard about him and sought out his help, he decided to found GMAT Pill. The firm is driven by a philosophy of simplicity that one can see in the way Lee describes himself: “I’m the guy next door who did well on the exam. Let me show you how.”

Like Magoosh, GMAT Pill uses online video lessons to prepare students for the exam. Unlike Magoosh, it does not create a tailored lesson plan. GMAT Pill’s Lee thinks his methods are simple enough that anybody can learn from them. Students can purchase video lessons that cover different sections of the exams. Each lesson shows Lee going through problems of a certain type so that students can then use his methods themselves.

Lee compares it to the idea of watching a golf pro’s swing so that one can learn to imitate it. Lee says that this method makes learning go quickly, and that most students use the GMAT Pill for about a month. The verbal section lesson plan costs $199, while the lessons for the quant section costs $179. Students may purchase both in a discount package for $347. Both options include e-mail support from Zeke Lee. Lee displays his confidence in his model by offering a money-back guarantee of a fifty point score increase, provided the students’ original score was 680 or lower.

Lee’s gripe with the bigger GMAT prep firms is that they make studying too complicated. For example, Lee thinks that by using esoteric grammar terms in their lessons on the test’s verbal section, these firms make themselves less accessible to their students.

He also thinks that a smaller company such as his gives students a more direct learning experience. “At a large company, when you ask a question, you’re getting an answer from one of many different employees of the company,” says Lee. “At GMAT Pill, you’re getting an answer from the founder.”

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