More Good News On The MBA Job Market

The same trend favoring schools lower in the rankings held true for job postings as well, according to the survey. An overwhelming 93% of schools that are ranked between 51st and 100 reported increases in full-time positions postings, compared to 64% of the reporting top 20 business schools (see table below).

“Companies have continued to expand their on campus presence and recruiting activities over the last few years following the recession,” said Nicole Hall, president of the council and director of the career management center at Wake Forest’s School of Business, in a statement. “The survey results confirm that schools have retained that growth, while many have seen continued growth in 2012.”

The council said that 70 business schools responded to its Spring 2012 Recruiting Trends survey, with 83% of the respondents in North America. Six out of every ten of the responding schools boasts a full-time MBA program that is ranked among the top 50. The survey was conducted May 8th through May 29th.

Schools also are optimistic about internship hiring, with 80% of respondents reporting that at least 75% of students received an internship offer. 72% of respondents expect internship opportunities to increase compared with last year.

When asked about hiring methods, alumni-initiated hiring saw the largest increase (58% reported an increase). This seems to be a direct result of efforts on the part of career services offices to increase alumni engagement through referrals and networking events, the council said.

Overall highlights:

• 51% of schools reported an increase in on-campus activity for full-time positions. In 2011, 76% reported such an increase.

• Full-time job postings increased for most schools with 69% reporting more opportunities than last year. In the 2011 survey, 86% of respondents reported more full-time postings over 2010.

• Responding schools reported increases in recruiting activity in all industries; over 30% of schools reported increases in Consulting, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Pharma/Biotech/Healthcare Products, and Technology.

• Of schools reporting offer information, 50% indicated that 75% or more of the class of 2012 had received a full-time offer. In 2011, slightly less (47%) of schools reported that 75% or more students had offers.

• 80% of reporting schools indicated that at least 75% of students had received an internship offer which is just slightly higher than in 2011 when 64% of schools reported that information.

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