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Turning the Tables: Ranking the MBA Rankings

Ah, the great debates of our time. LeBron or Jordan? Tastes great or less filling? Harvard or Stanford?rankings image

Wait, what?

That’s right, who really has the top business school? In recent years, Harvard, Stanford, Booth, IESE, and the London Business School have all claimed bragging rights. So what gives?

Three years ago, John Byrne provided an answer. Back in the 1980s, Byrne produced the first MBA rankings for a major outlet while working for Businessweek. And he constructed these rankings by doing something no one else had done: Surveying the students. Since then, news organizations like Forbes, US News and World Report, The Financial Times, and The Economist have all come out with their own rankings. And none of them seem to agree on which school is best (let alone which ones should be in the top five).

The reason, of course, is that each ranking uses contrasting methodologies and weighs criteria differently. For example, Forbes skews its rankings toward salaries after graduation, while Businessweek doesn’t even factor variables like GMAT scores into its formula. Similarly, Businessweek still relies on student feedback, while U.S. News and World Report uses unaudited data provided by the schools. Both have their drawbacks.

So whose ranking is best? Check out Byrne’s evaluation of each publication, along with the pros and cons of their methodologies.

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