America’s Funniest MBA Videos

5) MBAs Assemble a Malm Bed from IKEA / Wharton School of Business

I hope these Wharton grads never work for anyone from Stanford, Kellogg, or Booth.

Sometimes, students just can’t resist jabbing rival schools. And no one has ever done it better than Wharton. So how do they view these schools? Stanford? Try a bunch of buzzword-spewing hippies focused more on being green than amassing green. Harvard? Indulged, entitled, out-of-touch…and obsessed with stature. Kellogg? They’re the students who couldn’t get into Wharton (or anywhere else). INSEAD? Sorry, Wharton:  INSEAD is French, not German (though it was on target with its Sprockets snark…minus the monkey).

Of course, these Wharton students had enough self-awareness to mock themselves. They may be able to build models, crunch numbers, and write plans. But Wharton failed in the same way as every other MBA program: They forgot to assemble the bed!

Best Line:  “Hey, guys. What about company culture?”

“Shut up, Steve.”