Northwestern’s New Triple-M Makeover


“These will be more hands-on courses, maximizing the divergent thinking process,” said Holderfield. “We feel like we are on the leading edge in terms of this space. There are schools offering coursework that has some overlap with what we’re doing but in terms of a total learning experience we feel we are pretty unique.”

All told, there are 17 required courses, nine in business and eight in engineering, and a minimum of 12 electives. It’s possible, too, to waive some of the required coursework and bulk up on the electives. “The flexibility is largely on the Kellogg side because there is a distinct curriculum built to achieve what we laid out,” says Ziegler. “You can now be heavily focused in finance, marketing or strategy and opt into MMM for a design-centric perspective.”

Ziegler says the school will keep the incoming class to no more than 60 students. “We hope the demand for this will very very, very high so it you get a spot in this group of 60, it will be a special spot,” she said.

Students will continue to benefit from hands-on learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, including the capstone integration project, in which students focus on end-to-end solutions at major corporations; a studio and prototyping space; and business and design competitions. There will also be additional recruiting opportunities targeted to MMM graduates and support from an existing MMM career coach, the school said.

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