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An Introduction To Operations Management

School: Wharton School of Business

Platform: Coursera

Link: (Includes Introductory Video)

Start Date: Not Yet Available (Held In Fall 2013)

Workload: 5-7 Hours Per Week (8 Weeks)

Instructor: Christian Terwiesch

Credentials: The Andrew M. Heller Professor at Wharton, Professor Terwiesch is also the co-author of the popular textbook Matching Supply with Demand, which is now in its third edition. Outside of the classroom, Professor Terwiesch has designed patient care processes at the VA hospital system, along with conducting research to enhance the capacity and efficiency of various healthcare organizations.

Graded: Students can earn a signed Statement of Accomplishment from the instructor. There is a $49 fee for a certificate.

Description: This course teaches students how to use business processes to enhance productivity and quality, while offering customers greater choice and service. The course consists of case study videos, which introduce a problem at businesses ranging from restaurants to banks. Based on the concepts learned, students will share measures they would implement to make the operation more efficient. Along with video quizzes, students will complete weekly homework, produce a class project, and complete a final exam. 

Review: “I felt a high degree of personal satisfaction after completion of this course. I thought the lectures were well-organized and easy to understand. I appreciated that practice problems matched homework problems which matched the final – no tricks in this class. I believe the information was very complementary to my project management training and I hope to put the knowledge into practice on the job.” To read additional reviews of this course, click here.

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