Highest & Lowest Paid MBAs of 2013

Lowest Reported Base Salaries By Top Business Schools In 2013


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Michigan (Ross)$15,000 (Base salary)Services
INSEAD$21,900 (Base salary) **Media & Entertainment
Duke (Fuqua)$24,000 (Base salary)Social Enterprise
Northwestern (Kellogg)$24,000 (Base salary)Consulting
Pennsylvania (Wharton)$30,000 (Base salary)Unknown
Georgetown (McDonough)$30,000 (Base salary)Finance
London Business School$31,870 (Base salary)Corporate Sector
UCLA (Anderson)$33,000 (Base salary)Software
Indiana (Kelley)$34,000 (Base salary)Pharma/Biotech
Stanford Graduate School of Business$40,000 (Base salary)Consumer Products/Services
Chicago (Booth)$44,400 (Base salary)Consulting
Harvard Business School$48,750 (Base salary) *Private Equity
NYU (Stern)$50,000 (Base salary)Marketing
Dartmouth (Tuck)$56,000 (Base salary)Investment Banking
Virginia (Darden)$60,000 (Base salary)General Management
Emory (Goizueta)$63,000 (Base salary)Hospitality
MIT (Sloan)$65,000 (Base salary)Investment Management
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)$65,000 (Base salary)Energy Startup

Source: Business school employment reports for 2013.  Note: * Conservative stimate based on HBS only disclosing top 75th percentile of base. ** INSEAD data for 2012 due to December graduation date.


  • Lara_MZ

    When you gamble i.e. taking on a student loan to get an MBA, you have to consider both the upside and the DOWNSIDE. Look at the range of salaries, the mean and the median. Worst case scenario – you get the lowest range. Best case scenario – you get $350k. Most likely scenario – you get the median. Down boy.

  • kiko

    Hes Turkish. Thats whats wrong with him.

  • Ashish Anand

    I completely agree with u on this man

  • Ashish Anand

    seriously what the hell is wrong with you?

  • What is wrong with you?

  • ddearborn


    6 digit salaries plus bonuses and perks for graduating MBA’s from the top 20 schools in the world is hardly news. In fact big bucks for top MBA’s isn’t really news at all. So what was the point again? It reads more like a 2 minute commercial from a PR firm trying to drum up business. It almost has the sound of desperation, and perhaps a bit of longing for the good old days when a Harvard MBA actually was solid gold………

    These days it is common knowledge that being the best and brightest usually doesn’t get you into these MBA programs. And perhaps the salaries are beginning to reflect this.

  • anil

    world is build like this …. monkeys sit and make lot more money than working group..this should change, technology shall be given more importance than executers

  • RP

    “Instead, it was an thirty-something” – “a thirty-something”, surely.

    Love the site.

  • kfbs

    If he’s in PE/VC, he probably negotiated a percentage of the fund’s carried interest, possibly in addition to a bonus. That $10K compensation number is most likely crap.

  • smart-boothie-data-guru

    It’s hard to draw any conclusion without the bonuses matching each salary, too bad schools don’t mention that. I guess the UCLA guy with a $10k base salary in PE/VC must have a monumental bonus.

    Will we have a more meaningful table, i.e. median/std dev salaries of each school?