Wharton: ‘Don’t Go To Kellogg or Harvard’

Wharton folliesIt’s that time of the year again when MBA students from some of the top schools do their satirical send-ups of themselves and their rival schools. Some of the best of the student follies occur at Wharton, Columbia, Kellogg and Harvard.

One of the first out of the gate this year is the 2014 Wharton Follies show, a full-length musical entitled ‘The Book of Wharton.’ It was performed over three nights this past weekend, and students just uploaded a few of the videos from the show to YouTube.

One of the funniest skits we’ve seen in some time has to do with the following faux commercials for Wharton that poke fun at Stanford, London Business School, Harvard, and Kellogg. The Wharton sketch teases rivals over the stereotypical notions of competing schools’ cultures and reputations.

“When you go to Kellogg, your degree is only respected in the upper midwest,” the voiceover begins. “When your degree is respected only in the upper midwest, you are forced to work in agriculture consulting. When you are forced to work in agriculture consulting, you get real close to the livestock.”

We’ll stop there–because we don’t want to ruin the punchline.

There’s also this hilarious appeal by a Wharton student who impersonates Kimbrel Jones, the deputy vice dean of student life known for his perpetually upbeat if not effervescent personality. Students call Jones, who has a Ph.D. in educational leadership from Harvard and an Emory MBA, “the dean of happiness.” And he dubs himself the “unofficial Dr. Phil of Huntsman Hall.”

In this video, entitled “Save The Grown Children,” his impersonator attempts to get viewers to ante up cash so upper-middle-class Whartonites can live the upper-upper class life of a privileged MBA candidate.

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