Google’s “MBA Preferred” Jobs

GoogleLike it or not, an increasing number of employers prefer to see the MBA degree on a resume. “MBA Preferred” is showing up more and more in job specs. But that’s especially true at many of the elite, brand name companies, including the company that MBA students have identified as the most desirable employer in the universe these days: Google.

You can tell a lot about a company by the job openings it has, including potential areas of growth, levels of compensation, and the basic needs of an organization. Right now, the MBA preferred jobs at Google, at least those paying in six figures, seem pretty much like cogs in the big machine of the search engine. Even though most MBAs in this year’s graduating class already have their jobs, Google lists more than two dozen openings in which they prefer an MBA and are dangling six-figure salaries to get one.

The job with the highest pay potential listed on LinkedIn is for a director of product policy, monetized products, which an average salary of $173,000. Here’s how Google describes the ideal person for the job: “You’re a big-picture thinker and strategic leader. You understand the user’s point of view and are passionate about using your combined technical, sales and customer service acumen to protect our users. You work globally and cross-functionally with Google developers and Product Managers to navigate challenging online safety situations and handle abuse and fraud cases at Google speed (read: fast!). Help us prove that quality on the Internet trumps all.”

And the lowest six-figure job currently open at Google with a preference for an MBA? That would be a strategic vendor manager for professional services, with a listed average salary of $106,000. According to the company, “you will manage Google’s relationships with professional service providers including financial audit, tax advisory, M&A due diligence, and IT deployments. You will be the front line to these strategic service providers and drive them to deliver optimal value to Google.”


CompanyLocationJob TitleSalary RangeAverage Salary
GoogleMountain View, CAGlobal Sales Partner Program Lead, Google Enterprise $89K to $206K$125,000
GoogleMountain View, CADirector of Product Policy Enforcement, Search & Platforms$128K to $191K$149,000
GoogleMountain View, CAStrategic Partner Manager, Chrome & ChromeOS$106K to $156K$128,000
GoogleMountain View, CAPartner Development Manager, Kids Apps$100K to $153K$114,000
GoogleMountain View, CAStrategic Partner Development Associate$67K to $257K$147,000
GoogleMountain View, CAConsumer Operations, Manager of Content Strategy & Development$93K to $142K$111,000
GoogleMountain View, CAStrategic Vendor Manager, Professional Services$91K to $136K$106,000
GoogleMountain View, CADirector, Product Policy, Monetized Products$150K to $202K$173,000
GoogleMountain View, CADirector of Cross Product Enforcement$128K to $191K$149,000
GoogleMountain View, CAShopping Campaign Management & Tools Lead, Global Performance Solutions$131K to $182K$149,000
GoogleMountain View, CAEnterprise, Google Apps Solution Management Team Lead$108K to $185K$146,000
GoogleMountain View, CATechnical Program Manager, Cloud Computing$101K to $154K$122,000
GoogleMountain View, CAProduct Marketing Manager, Google Apps$80K to $137K$108,000
GoogleMountain View, CAHead of Strategy & Operations, Brand Studio$95K to $196K$147,000
GoogleMountain View, CALead Associate, Global Alliance Development$110K to $164K$127,000
GoogleMountain View, CAOracle Change & Release Lead$115K to $179K$136,000
GoogleMountain View, CAStrategic Sourcing Manager, Special Projects$97K to $136K$110,000
GoogleMountain View, CATechnical Program Manager, Corporate Applications$101K to $153K$118,000
GoogleMountain View, CAProgram Manager, M&A Integration$119K to $176K$137,000
GoogleMountain View, CAVendor & Process Manager, Global Infrastructure$99K to $263K$139,000
GoogleMountain View, CAProduct Marketing Manager, Performance Display$99K to $160K$120,000
GoogleMountain View, CADirector, Product Policy Enforcement, Ads Products$148K to $202K$171,000
GoogleMountain View, CAPricing Strategy Principal$127K to $176K$144,000
GoogleMountain View, CAProduct Manager, Access, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing$93K to $146K$116,000

Source: Google postings on LinkedIn