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The Best TED Talks by B-School Professors

Ever hear a speech that you couldn’t forget? Maybe it was a stunning metaphor or a story that perfectly tied all the threads. Or, the speaker illuminated something you could always sense but never articulate. Most likely, you remember when and where you heard that speech. You may even recall who sat next to you. All you know, that speech forever changed how you viewed the world.

These days, TED talks are all the rage. Everyone is getting on the stump, as if they suddenly discovered the the global chapter of Toastmasters. And business school professors are no exception. In fact, some of their talks are among the best TED has to offer. From body language to leadership to digital collaboration, professors from Harvard, Columbia and Rotman have raised the bar on content and delivery, paving a trail for other educators to follow.

In 2013, Poets and Quants’ Maya Itah reviewed the TED Talks delivered by elite business school professors. From provocative barnstormers on how money can buy happiness to quaint homilies on career management, Maya evaluates these videos on their originality, takeaways, and audience engagement.

To check out the best-of-the-best, click on the link below.

Source: Poets and Quants

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