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Which B-Schools Have the Happiest Grads

Two years is a long time…especially if you’re unhappy. 

You can talk to students, alumni, and faculty. You can read every book, blog, or board. And you can tell yourself over-and-over that this is what you want. But you don’t really know until you set foot on campus. Granted, students are seeking different things from an MBA program. Some view it as a transaction: ‘If I put in my time, I’ll land a better job.’ Others are looking to grow and change, to gain the tools (and contacts) to create a meaningful work role.

Regardless of intent, some schools naturally produce happier graduates. That was the finding of a 17,000 response survey given to the Class of 2008 by Forbes. Here, students were queried on the quality of their MBA education; how well it prepared them for their careers; and how satisfied they were with their careers. Spoiler: The top-ranked schools didn’t always produce the happiest grads. Wondering which schools help students achieve their dreams? Check on the survey results below.

Source: Poets&Quants 

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