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3D Printing Opportunity: The Course on Additive Manufacturing for Business Leaders

School: Deloitte University Press

Platform: NovoEd (Stanford)

Registration Link: 3D opportunity: The Course on Additive Manufacturing for Business Leaders

Start Date: February 9, 2015 (6 Weeks)

Workload: Not Specified

Instructor: Mark Cotteleer

Credentials: Cotteleer is a research director for Deloitte Services, where he examines issues related to performance and growth. In particular, his areas of expertise include manufacturing, operations, supply chains, and business analytics. Before joining Deloitte, Cotteleer was an associate professor of management at Marquette University, where he earned the executive education program’s “Educator of the Year.” He earned a Ph.D. from the Harvard Business School and his work has been published in journals like the Harvard Business Review and MIS Quarterly. He has also held management roles at Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young.

Graded: After completing all assignments, students will receive a signed statement of accomplishment.

Description: These days, 3D printing – also known as additive manufacturing – is considered the wave of the future, with companies using it to produce everything from cars to guns to movie costumes. Question is, how far can this technology go? What are its implications? And what is hype and what is real? In this course, students will examine additive technologies – and their application to various product design and distribution processes. The course is based off videos, notably from industry experts and Deloitte partners who share their experiences with 3D printing (particularly its advantages and disadvantages in various contexts). They will examine how 3D printing will impact industries like aerospace, medicine, automotives, and defense. Most important, students will explore the variables involved in deciding if 3D printing is a good fit for their firm – and when. Students are graded on multiple choice quizzes and peer reviewed take home assignments.

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