Essential MOOCs In Business for February

Introduction to Communication Science

School: University of Amsterdam

Platform: Coursera

Registration Link: Introduction to Communication Science

Start Date: February 4, 2015 (7 Weeks)

Workload: 3-5 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Rutger de Graaf

Credentials: After earning his doctorate at the University of Amsterdam, Dr. de Graaf began teaching courses in communication theory and ethics at his alma mater. He is especially interested in storytelling, corporate social responsibility, and reputation management. Before turning to academics, de Graaf worked in the private sector as a market researcher.

Graded: Students will receive a Statement of Accomplishment for successfully completing the course.

Description: A wide-ranging course, Introduction to Communication covers both the history and the key concepts and theoretical models inherent to the discipline. Also drawing from sociology, and psychology, the course will include message construction and reception; the use of language to reinforce culture and social relationships; and how new media, globalization, and segmentation is re-shaping how messages are delivered and processed. The course will be taught through video lectures and online quizzes, along with an interactive forum where students can discuss what they’re learning.

Review: “The class was interesting but the quizzes and final exams were annoying. There were a lot of problematic questions: complex questions: you’ll see very confusing wording; unimportant questions: “Who came up with X?; tricky questions: “Which of these are false?” You may often misread the “false” because it’s not emphasized; And you’re not given the answers to quizzes and the final exam after the only attempt that you get.” For additional reviews, click here.

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