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Making Sense Of Social Impact: Acumen’s Building Blocks For Impact Analysis

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School: Acumen

Platform: NovoEd (Stanford)

Registration Link: Making Sense of Social Impact: Acumen’s Building Blocks for Impact Analysis

Start Date: May 5, 2015 (7 Weeks)

Workload: 4-5 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Acumen Impact Team

Credentials: Acumen’s online courses are designed to stimulate moral imagination and enhance financial and operational skills. Overall, Acumen’s mission is to “equip emerging change leaders with the tools to change the way the world tackles poverty and build a world based on dignity.”

Graded: After completing all assignments, students will receive a signed statement of accomplishment.

Description: This course will help students understand how to create and measure social impact. Based on Acumen’s efforts to create impact through their own companies, students will learn how to conduct an impact analysis so they better determine where to invest their time and financial resources.

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