Best MOOCs In Business For May

Supply Chain and Logistics Fundamentals

School: MIT

Platform: EdX

Registration Link: Supply Chain and Logistics Fundamentals

Start Date: May 27, 2015

Workload: 6-8 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Chris Caplice is the executive director of MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics. He also founded MIT FreightLab, described by the school as “a research initiative that focuses on improving the way freight transportation is designed, procured, and managed.” Before entering academia, Caplice held several leadership roles in the private sector, including being the vice president of product management for Logistics. Com and the general manager of the shipper products group at Sabre. He also currently serves as the chief scientist for Chainalytics.

Graded: Not Specified.

Description: The first of a three-part series, Supply Chain and Logistics Fundamentals covers the underlying tools and techniques inherent to designing and managing supply chains. In particular, the course covers consumer demand forecasting, inventory control, and transportation management. The course is taught from a managerial perspective, with special emphasis on increasing speed, cutting costs, and avoiding surpluses.

Review: “This course is focused on quantitative methods for logistics and supply chain management. The course is quite challenging and definitely lives up to the MIT & CTL name. I ended up spending 8-10 hours each week completing everything. I thought Prof. Caplice was passionate and enthusiastic as a course lecturer. I recommend some experience with statistics and spreadsheet software before the course starts, but it is not necessary. I definitely recommend this course for those who want to learn and be challenged!” For additional reviews, click here.