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Ivey Business School

Ivey Business School


So what makes Ivey such a strong proposition to students (and recruiters)? For starters, the school relies heavily on the case method, which trains students to think strategically, prepare deeply, and debate vigorously. Here, students learn how you decide is as important as what you decide, with process and speed being the main virtues. For Deepali Goel, a Calgary native who was most recently an analyst for AECOM, the case-based teaching model was among the chief motivators for enrolling at Ivey.

“With an undergraduate degree in commerce,” she writes, “I was looking to enhance my understanding of business by learning from the failures and successes of real-world global businesses. The case-based teaching methodology puts me in the shoes of a CEO and challenges me to make a decision while grappling with the circumstances at hand. Additionally, the open, collaborative, and comfortable environment that has been created in the classes allows for everyone to contribute to a healthy discussion and allows me to learn from my classmates’ past experiences and insights.”

London, Ontario

London, Ontario

Harleen Kaur Ahuja, who left Ernst & Young and moved to London, adds that the case method also simulates real world decision-making and reinforces leadership skills. “The emphasis on leadership not only improves one’s management skill but also transforms one to be leader who understands cross-function views and can make quick yet difficult decisions.”

Of course, Ivey’s one-year curriculum was also cited as a positive by students, who naturally worry about both the opportunity costs and falling behind when they start business school. “The one-year program was very compelling to me,” writes Wole Oluwole-Rotimi, who grew up in Nigeria and studied at Schulich before working in investment banking. “I want to be back into the workplace as soon as possible.”

While the Class of 2016 has already reached the halfway mark in the program, many admit that they are far from achieving their goals. Victor Oreskovich, who previously played pro hockey for the Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks, considers his time at Ivey to a “huge success” so far. But he still sees his biggest hurdles looming. “I have met some amazing people from all over the world who will remain my lifelong friends. Prior to graduation, I`d like to have a firmer grasp on where exactly my passions lie, and how I can develop my skills to best fit those passions.”

While Goel shares that the program has challenged him professionally and transformed him personally, he still believes there is plenty of work left to be done. “With only six months left in the program, I would like to further engage with my classmates and professors to learn from their experiences and insights. Additionally, I would like to continue to be involved in opportunities such as case competitions that challenge me to be best I can be and inspire me to find creative solutions to global issues and business problems.” 

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Clemence Chen / Shanghai, China

Deepali Goel / Calgary, Alberta

Harleen Kaur Ahuja / Toronto, Ontario

Wole Oluwole-Rotimi / Lagos, Nigeria</strong> 

Victor Oreskovich / Oakville, Ontario

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