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Justin Strohschein

Justin Strohschein

Justin Strohschein

Lives in: Guangzhou, China

Undergraduate School and Major:  N/A

Employers and Work Experience: 

When I was young, some successful people encouraged me to attend university while others encouraged me to find myself before pursuing a formal education. Weighing my options I decided not to pursue post-secondary education at that stage of my life; instead I began to develop my interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Early on I was drawn to work for Yellow Pages Group in Western Canada, a company with sought after training programs. I knew it would be a good first step in my career progression. From there, my roles evolved from sales and advertising to working directly with corporate clients managing foreign exchange and payments, then to developing corporate clients and improving processes and internal marketing.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work for some great companies, including Yellow Pages, Apple Canada, and Deloitte.

What led you to choose No-Pay MBA’s network?

Although I have been successful thus far in my career and have developed strong professional competencies; I knew that if I wanted to move my career to the next level, pursuing advanced education would be the way to get there.

After reading about Laurie’s journey and her success, it was obvious to me that the No-Pay MBA program was the best option in my learning journey.

With the evolution of technology, it’s easier now than ever to pursue a non-traditional education. The No-Pay MBA program allows me to learn from reputable professors and like-minded students at my pace from anywhere in the world. At the end of my no-pay journey, I will have the knowledge from a variety of disciplines without the debt that typically accompanies an MBA program.

What do you hope to get out of the program before you finish?

The world is smaller than ever; connecting with my cohort to see in real time the successful implementation of concepts and strategies has been eye-opening. It’s something I look forward to seeing in every step of the program.

I can already see that the knowledge sharing from different countries and backgrounds will provide me with great insight. As a Canadian in China I have an opportunity to learn China’s culture of business, while at the same time expanding my worldview and thought perspectives through the engagement of my cohort. It is truly an amazing opportunity.

Before I finish this program I want to spread awareness of it. Working collectively I believe we can implement the concepts we are learning to grow the reputation of the No-Pay MBA program. When I complete the bulk of my MBA journey, I hope to share my insight and experience to help others who are considering beginning theirs.

What do you plan to do with your business education after you complete it?

I will continue learning and continue to apply what I’ve learned.

I know I will never know everything, and because there will always be new and different ways to do things and I find it absolutely necessary to always continue to learn.

What advice do you have for people considering No-Pay MBA or other non-traditional means of getting a business education? 

I believe learning is important for everyone, and MOOCs could be useful for everyone; I also know that doing an MBA-style curriculum is not for everyone.

Before embarking on this journey, I suggest really understanding what your strengths are and how you currently apply what you know in business situations. Consider what learning new skills would mean for you in your career.

To be successful, it is important you create a detailed game plan and be relentless. Independent study is not easy, working without peers outside the classroom is feasible, but it is by no means easy. In order to succeed you will need a plan and focus. Chances are you have a full time job, perhaps a spouse, perhaps a family, definitely many other commitments. When you are not engaged full time in an environment that is dedicated to supporting learning goals, being able to prioritize is a must.




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