Admissionado’s Last Minute MBA Application Checklist


Jon Frank, CEO and Co-Founder of Admissionado

 Attending to these last minute details can make or break your MBA application. With round 2 deadlines coming up fast… Are you ready to click submit?

R2 is a particularly tricky deadline because not only do you have the pressure of the MBA application, but you have to balance that with work, end of the year, AND the holiday season. That means everyone’s going to be rushing to the R2 deadlines in the last two weeks. However, even though time is tight, you shouldn’t rush your application.

Time to give that app one last (very important) look

Even if you think you’ve almost got everything tied up in a neat little bow, take the time to give your application one final review with your MBA application checklist. After all, you’ve been staring at the thing for weeks, so it’s totally natural that you’ve entered a zombie-like state, eyes glossing over a small mistake. And after all the hard work and late nights spent perfecting your application, it’d be pretty devastating if you get flagged by the adcom for minor mistakes.


Our Four Step MBA Application Checklist


1. Check your application for careless mistakes: Check for spelling, grammar, and SCHOOL NAMES. We see this all the time. Make sure you don’t submit an essay to Wharton that talks about how Duke is the right fit for you.

2. Check in on your recommenders: Have they submitted anything? Have they begun the process? LORs are a test of your management skills. If you can’t get THEM to submit their stuff, it will reflect badly on you.

3. Get a second opinion on your application: If you have never shown your work to ANYONE besides yourself, do it. Immediately. Getting a fresh set of eyes on your work will help ensure that there are no glaring, obvious mistakes.

4. Update you application with new information: Is there anything that has changed since you started your app? People don’t realize that since they began their applications, things have changed. For the BETTER!

Of course, if reading this is making you sweat (“wait, people are already at the polishing stage?!”), and you need some help…erm…starting the process, now’s the time to get it. Whether you need a full spa treatment or just a touch up, we’ve got what you need to put the final touches on your application. So just fill out a free consultation ASAP if you want to talk to our team!

Jon Frank is the CEO and Co-Founder of Admissionado, an Undergraduate and MBA admissions consulting firm.

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