Rejected By Harvard B-School? Don’t Feel Bad. You’re In Great Company


Mr. Digital Marketing


  • 750 GMAT
  • Undergraduate degree in chemistry from a top-ranked regional college in India
  • Work experience includes three and one-half years in digital marketing at top Indian companies; also worked at a small start-up out of college, writing content for comic books aimed at providing insight to children on the environment and climate change
  • Extracurricular involvement playing soccer for a small team and working with the CSR arm of current company, providing clothing and food for the poor
  • “Rejected by HBS, Stanford and waitlisted by Wharton. Admitted to Kellogg, UCLA and Columbia. I have a feeling this was more to do with ‘Silver and Bronze’ career paths and not a ‘Gold’ one”
  • 27-year-old Indian male


    Sandy’s Ding Analysis: Your call about silver and not gold is probably right in some form. A lot might turn on current employer and your first odd job needed to be explained. Was that your start-up? If not, it certainly seems like an odd job. Just mild bad breath, but enough to make Harvard and Stanford kiss someone else, and enough to make Wharton hold their nose. TOEFL is also low-ish. How was Wharton interview?

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