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Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models

School: Wharton School

Platform: Coursera

Registration Link: CLICK HERE

Start Date: March 2016 (4 Weeks Long)

Workload: 1-3 Hours Per Week

Instructor: Don Huesman

Credentials: Want to be taught by a true pioneer? Look no further than Don Huesman, who co-founded The Organizer, a company that developed the first calendars, to-do lists and contact management systems on PCs – the same features that we take for granted on our email packages. Today, he is the Managing Director of the Innovation Group and Wharton online at the Wharton School, where one of his passions is developing the best learning environments for adult students.

Graded: Students can choose to explore course videos, discussions, and ungraded assignments for free, but they won’t be able to submit graded assignments, earn a certificate, or complete a specialization without paying a $135 fee.

Description: For many, a spreadsheet is a simple calculator, a way of storing, analyzing, and manipulating information. In an era where databases can identify relationships across innumerable data sets and tables, spreadsheets are considered passé in some quarters. However, for most people, a spreadsheet is still the easiest way to integrate high level statistical and mathematical models to make projections. In this course, students will understand basic spreadsheet tools and formulas that will prepare them to build more complex models and decision trees in the future.

Review: No reviews.

Additional Background: This is the second course in Wharton’s brand new “Business and Financial Modeling” specialization. Other courses in the series will cover modeling risk and realities and decision-making. To learn more about this specialization and register for it, click here

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