Favorite Business School MBA Professors

Pitt's John Camillus

Pitt’s John Camillus

Convey Every Day Realities

“Professor Les Charm because he taught me how to see through smoke and mirrors and look to the heart of any situation.”

–  Bryanne Lemming, Babson College

“My favorite professor is Professor John Camillus for the Strategic Management course at the Katz Graduate School of Business. With an excellent educational qualification and immense years of experience working in multiple geographies, Professor Camillus was able to impart practical knowledge on how businesses are managed worldwide. Through the intensive class discussions, I was able to learn and adapt to the business strategies adopted by global leaders. The course and the professor changed my views on a lot of real-life business problems. This course was just not about reading and discussing case studies. Professor Camillus prompted us to think out of the box by putting ourselves in the shoes of corporate leaders and by incorporating design strategies that were further discussed and debated in the classroom.”

– Ankur Goel, University of Pittsburgh, Katz Graduate School of Business

Michigan State's Naveen Khanna

Michigan State’s Naveen Khanna

Dr. Naveen Khanna because he challenged the class in a different way. The class was entirely based on case discussions. He was able to lead the discussion with an admirable balance of focus on what the numbers were saying and what the strategic applications were in the respective cases. I learned a lot through long conversations and case meetings in his class.”

– Tyler Erhorn, Michigan State, Broad College of Business

Matt Higgins. He teaches Managerial Economics. I have never had a professor relate course topics to everyday life as much as he was able to do. He really inspired my interest in economics, and showed me just how important the basic concepts are to how the world ticks. As a result, I am now subscribed to three different economics podcasts and two economics magazines. I just can’t get enough.

 – Trevor Clark, GA Tech, Scheller College of Business

“My favorite professor is Mike Wohl, who teaches social entrepreneurship and urban impact. He does a great job of helping students understand how to incorporate social impact work into sustainable business models. His classes are practicums that involve real-world projects and his advice is very applicable. I find him to be extremely supportive and believe he plays the valuable role of mentor to many students, including myself. My MBA experience would not have been the same without him.”

–  Mikayla Hart, University of Rochester, Simon Business School

Purdue's Kelly Schwind Wilson

Purdue’s Kelly Schwind Wilson

Truly Care About Their Students

“My favorite professor is Dr. Kelly Wilson, associate professor of organizational behavior and human resources. Dr. Wilson teaches a course on Leadership, her research area, and her class taught me a lot while I was the KGSA president. Dr. Wilson also offered support and advice one-on-one regarding organizational issues I experienced while working with my presidency. Dr. Wilson offered clear, actionable counsel and is always positive and helpful.”

Adam Ruri, Purdue University, Krannert School of Management

Denis Sosyura taught my core Financial Management class. I had no finance experience before this class and left feeling confident that I could work successfully with finance personal in the future. He made the material very accessible and also ended each lecture by talking about current events in finance that would help us prepare for interviews or better apply the material for the day. He is very available to students and even went to lunch with me and a group of my classmates so we could learn more about his research.”

– Kristin Horvath, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Passionate About Teaching

Duke's Ryan McDevitt

Duke’s Ryan McDevitt

“Professor Sasha Strauss blew me away with his passion not only for the field of marketing, but also through his dedication for our development as future professionals. His teaching combined the prowess of his professional background in the field with a charisma that made the time spent in lectures fly by. It was a privilege having access to such an established practitioner in the field so open and willing to share his knowledge with fresh minds like ours. He certainly solidified my conviction in my post MBA pursuits.”

– Rahul Sharma, USC, Marshall School of Business

Ryan McDevitt taught core Economics through a combination of clear and patient lecturing and a dry sarcasm that kept our entire class engaged. As most of my classmates and I were still adjusting to the rigors of business school, Ryan gave us the support and encouragement to keep going and went out of his way to give personalized help for students who were struggling. In addition, as the Academic Fellow, I ran all of the logistics for Econ my second year and I had the pleasure to get to know Ryan outside of class. He has written fascinating research about consumer spending habits in relation to social interaction and the passion he has for teaching is evident in everything he does.”

– Paul Jacobs, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business

Gianpiero Petriglieri, associate professor of organizational behaviour at INSEAD. Gianpiero is one of the most passionate and wise individuals I know. He is a medical doctor turned professor with infinite charisma and energy. The way he navigates class, challenging students’ thoughts and beliefs and creating vivid stories, is a hymn to personal reflection and a unique platform for enriching discussion and learning opportunities. Surely one of the most found memories of my time at INSEAD.”

Pedro Filipe Tavares Ramos, INSEAD

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