$143K Average Total Pay For Emory’s 2016 MBAs

Emory's Goizueta School of Business is ranked 20th among the best U.S. business schools by Poets&Quants.

Emory’s Goizueta School of Business

The graduating MBAs in this year’s class at Emory University’s Goizueta School of Business landed average total pay packages that hit a new record of $142,892, up 4.4% from $136,908 a year earlier. The median increase was significantly smaller at $133,908, up a half of a percent from $132,545 last year.

The total starting compensation numbers, adjusted for the percentage of graduates receiving bonuses, compare favorably with other leading schools who have released their 2016 employment reports. So far, Chicago Booth MBAs lead in median total pay with $145,723, followed by Duke at $141,871, Emory at $133,908, and then Vanderbilt at $132,040.

Goizeuta said that 89.3% of its MBA grads had job offers by this year’s graduation date, with 84.0% accepting those offers (up from 78.5% a year earlier). Some 95.4% of the Class of 2016 landed job offers three months after commencement, with 93.1% of the class accepting them (a tick down from 94.4% last year).


Wendy Tsung, associate dean & executive director of Goizueta's MBA Career Management Center

Wendy Tsung, associate dean & executive director of Goizueta’s MBA Career Management Center

All the average components of a pay package were up this year at Goizueta. The average starting salary was $116,658, up from $113,295 a year earlier; average sign-on bonus was $26,370 and received by 79% of the graduates, up slightly from the $26,074 average gotten by 75% of last year’s graduating class; and other guaranteed compensation, picked up by 28% of the MBAs, was $19,574, up from the $17,381 gotten by 23% of last year’s class.

The median numbers, on the other hand, remained fairly stable, with median base starting salaries of $110,000 (same as last year), sign-on bonuses of $25,000 (same as last year, and other guaranteed first-year comp at $12,480, down from $16,250 a year ago.

This year’s highest starting base salary of $300,000 went to an MBA who took a job in financial services, while the lowest salary of $75,000 was taken by an MBA who went into an undisclosed industry.

The most popular industry among Goizueta MBAs this year was consulting which hired one out of every three graduates, exactly 33% of the Class of 2016. It was consulting, too, that danged the highest median starting base salaries in front of Emory MBAs at $135,000, $10,000 more than financial services, which took away 20% of the graduates. But financial services paid MBAs the highest median sign-on bonuses–$40,000 each–some $15,000 more than consulting. The consumer products industry landed 12% of the class, while healthcare, including pharma and biotech, employed 9% and tech firms also hired 9%. Transportation landed 8% of the graduates, while manufacturing claimed 4%.


The school said the top 10 employers of MBAs this year were PwC, Deloitte, Amazon, EY, ScottMadden, McKesson, UPS, Delta Air Lines, North Highland Company, and Citigroup.

As expected, the single largest group of the school’s graduates, some 47%, landed jobs in the south of the country. The northeast was the second most popular region for Goizueta MBAs, with 21% gaining jobs in that region (see below map).  Roughly 14% of the class accepted employment in the west, with about 6% moving to the midwest.

The school’s career management center, headed by Associate Dean Wendy Tsung, said that 54% of the jobs were sourced through summer internships, while 23% came from school scheduled interview, and another 7% from what the school called “Goizueta sources.” Jobs initiated by studen.t searches accounted for only 16% of the positions


Emory employment by region in 2016

Emory employment by region in 2016


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