What MBAs Really Want From Employers

The original TransparentCareer team. Pictured from left to right are Jeremy Selbst, Mitch Kirby, Alyssa Jaffee and Kevin Marvinac. Courtesy photo

Marvinac says he doesn’t exactly know why Analysis Group tops out in so many categories, but says they often hire MBAs as associates right out of B-school. “I think they are just one example of a few overlooked consulting firms,” Marvinac believes. “Mid-sized companies like ZS, L.E.K., and A.T. Kearney always score well in our data, and I think it goes to show that there’s life beyond MBB (McKinsey, Bain, and BCG).”

Rudnick agreed firms like Analysis Group, L.E.K., and Parthenon-EY ranked higher than she expected in some categories.

Still, on the other end, no other firm places last in more than one category besides Parthenon-EY, which places at the bottom in quality of coworkers and opportunity for advancement. Marvinac says there is “a ton of parity” in how the company rankings shake out. “No company scores near the top in every category,” Marvinac says, noting BCG does come close. What’s more, Marvinac says, there is a “clear tradeoff” between hours worked and the other categories. “The higher the hours,” Marvinac begins,” the better ranked the firms are in the other categories—suggesting that consulting is more of a ‘put in your time’ kind of industry.”

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